Carrot 5.8 for iOS 16: Fresh & Humorous Weather Features

Carrot 5.8 will introduce widgets to your lock screen, saving you from opening your phone to check the weather. The update will include lock screen widgets and new sections.

Carrot Weather — an app understood for its humorous, antagonistic approach to weather updates — is introducing features that take advantage of Apple’s iOS 16 release for iPhones today, including lock screen widgets and Apple Weather data integration.

There’s also a unique multi-column redesign for the iPad. CARROT Weather is a fantastic & influential (and privacy-conscious) weather app that provides funny convoluted forecasts.

  • Overflowing With Personality: Select one of five personalities for CARROT, from the stuffy “professional” to the obscenity-filled “overkill.” Then, you’ll look to torrential rainfall to see what your weather robot holds in store for you!
  • Accurate & Detailed: CARROT’s super-accurate weather data shows you the lightning-quick key to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. And the easy-to-read facts screens are just dripping with meteorological goodness.

Premium Club is priced at $4.99 per month or $19.99 annually. The Carrot App is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

Lock screen widgets will obtain helpful weather updates and Carrot’s regular injection of wit. Weather updates on Carrot rendition 5.8 will now be available as customizable lock screen widgets. There are 20 to choose from, including hourly and daily forecast charts, weather-based jokes with Carrot’s characteristic snark, and small gadgets for detailed data points. Automatic background updates for this feature will need a premium membership.

Another feature for Carrot app users with a premium membership is the opportunity to get forecasts straight from Apple Weather and other sources. It is made feasible by Apple WeatherKit, announced at WWDC 2022, which replaces the Dark Sky API. (Apple purchased Dark Sky in 2020.) Carrot generally defaults to Foreca forecasts, but Premium Club members have also been able to swap to AccuWeather, ClimaCell, Dark Sky, MeteoGroup, or AerisWeather as alternate data sources, as well as zone-specific ones if they select.

New sections are arriving at Carrot for graphs and detailed weather data, including tips for stargazers. Ten new units will be open to adding to your layout within the app. These sections include manifold lines and bar graphs that display weather data and schedules to help you make the most of multiple hobbies or interests. For example, golden hour and blue hour (periods of the day documented by photographers for stunning lighting conditions) will have their AM and PM times listed. In addition, the app can notify you when the best stargazing prerequisites will be for that night.

Carrot 5.8 runs on an iPad, portraying three columns of data. Three columns of data can be displayed on iPads for those who require a detailed perspective on the weather.

Carrot is getting a significant redesign for iPad users. Soon, you’ll be able to display up to three columns of weather data on your iPad, converting the tablet into a detailed weather station. This new layout is also a preview of what we can anticipate from the forthcoming Carrot app redesign coming to Mac, though sadly, no date has been supplied concerning the desktop updates.