Canon camera users can back up to Google Photos over Wi-Fi

Google has announced that Canon camera users will be able to upload the photos captured directly to Google Photos via Wi-Fi in original quality.

In addition to a compatible Canon camera and the image.canon app, a user also needs a Google One membership to use this feature.

“With the latest version of the image.canon app and a compatible Canon camera, you can choose to automatically transfer original quality photos to Google Photos, eliminating the hassle of using your computer or phone to back them up,” Ben Greenwood, Product Manager, Google Photos said in a statement on Thursday.

Google is offering Canon users one month of Google One free, providing access to up to 100GB of cloud storage, as well as other member benefits, such as premium support from Google experts and family sharing.

Canon launched its own version of a cloud backup service, image.canon, last year that allows Canon cameras to seamlessly back up photos over Wi-Fi.

From ‘image.canon’, users have the option of automatically transferring their images and videos to other places, such as Google Drive or YouTube, and now Google Photos has been added to that list.