Cancer Poses as Pandemic in Mexico more than Covid-19

Cancer Poses as Pandemic as around 191 thousand new cancer cases in Mexico are registered each year, a disease that has become the cause of death. It represents one of the most significant challenges for public health since it is estimated that within five years, the diagnosis of malignant tumours in the population will increase by approximately 50 per cent.

Within the framework of World Cancer Day, which is celebrated every February 4, thanks to the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) initiative, which seeks to create awareness, inspire change. It will impact a global scale about the importance of preventing this pathology, and oncology specialists call on the population. It will fight together against the disease and thus be able to provide a better quality of life to those who face this fight.

Currently, patients with cancer and Covid-19 have a higher mortality rate than patients without comorbidities. It is probably due to the immunosuppressive state of decreased immune reactions caused by the disease and its treatments, such as chemotherapy. However, it is necessary to note that those who live with cancer and do not have adequate treatment have a greater chance of dying from the disease itself than from the coronavirus.

Cancer Poses as Pandemic

The medical oncology specialist explained that cancer is one of the diseases with the highest prevalence and whose degree of mortality largely depends on the fact that 60 per cent of cases are detected in advanced stages.
“The main types of cancer that cause at least 84 thousand deaths a year are breast, prostate, colon, thyroid, cervix and lung cancer according to figures from the Ministry of Health,” she mentioned.

In her opportunity, Dr María Teresa Bourlon de Los Ríos explained that, according to data from the World Health Organization, at least a third of all cancer types could be prevented. The joint work of society is necessary to fight this disease.

In this sense, the International Union for Cancer Control (UICC), as every year, maintains its #YoSoyYVoyA campaign, (I am and I Will) with which it represents in more than one sense the voice of patients, caregivers and Associations of Cancer coupled with this year’s message. “We all work together for them”, inviting society to show empathy with patients and fight together to find a cure and prevent the development of the disease.
This year, without a doubt, it is definitive to show that the actions that have been carried out around the initiatives carried out by the UICC have achieved a positive impact on communities, countries and people who face the fight against it. Cancer, because when efforts come together, it is possible to achieve what we want: a healthier, more prosperous world, a world without cancer.

Regarding the above, Dr Bourlon de Los Ríos mentioned that early detection of cancer in its early stages offers ample chances of survival and improves patients’ quality of life. Therefore, everyone must know the risk factors, the forms of prevention and the innovative treatments that are currently available.

Cancer Poses as Pandemic

“Changing lifestyles, exercising daily, maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding exposure to radiation and guiding people with a family history of cancer is vital in this fight,” she commented.

The specialist stressed that today’s immuno-oncological treatments represent a new alternative to help the immune system of patients fight the disease since they strengthen the natural capacity of cells to defend themselves.

She explained that there are treatments with monoclonal antibodies, which are proteins of the immune system created in the laboratory to act as do the antibodies produced naturally by the body, to recognize specific targets, cancer cells, and attack them. “These therapies help to significantly improve the quality of life of patients with some types of cancer such as colon and rectum and head and neck,” she deepened.

For his part, Andrea Rodríguez, Medical Manager of the Oncology area at Merck Mexico, explained that the leading company in science and technology has a strong commitment to patients to discover, develop and accelerate cancer treatments. It drives them to daily efforts to deliver solutions ranging from strategic and patient-centred clinical development programs to collaborations and independent research funding.

“At Merck, we are sure that by working together we will be able to sensitize the Mexican population about the prevention of different types of cancer, as well as the importance of their timely diagnosis and control,” she explained.

Cancer Poses as Pandemic

Finally, on a day like today in which the importance of fighting cancer is emphasized, everyone is invited to create a change, to get involved with daily actions that inspire others in this continuous fight in search of a cure. for this disease; to remember, the need to provide empathy and form social support networks around patients and their caregivers, which allow them to significantly reduce the stress of dealing with this disease, overcome fear and face together with a fight possible to win.