California university quarantines all on-campus students

The California State University Long Beach (CSULA) has placed all its on-campus students under quarantine after five pupils tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to officials.

“Late yesterday (Friday), we became aware of a number of students who have not heeded our guidance related to Covid-19 precautions and congregated socially off campus earlier this month,” NBC Los Angeles quoted CSULB President Jane Close Conoley as saying in a statement on Saturday.

“Five of these students have now tested positive for the illness. Four students live on campus in the residence halls, and one lives off campus,” she added.

In the statement, Conoley added that all students living on-campus will be tested for the virus, and in-person classes have been cancelled for the next two weeks, reports CNN.

The quarantine will impact about 1,000 students who are living on campus for the fall semester and an estimated 3,000-4,000 students who attend in-person classes, according to the university’s safety measures.

A CNN tally conducted earlier this month revealed that across the US over 40,000 coronavirus cases have been reported among students, faculty and staff at colleges and universities.