B’luru airport handles 24K ornamental fish from Thailand

The Kempegowda International Airport in the Karnataka capital recently received a consignment of 24,200 ornamental fish from Thailand for an importer in Kerala, an official said on Thursday.

“Bengaluru airport processed a consignment of 24,200 ornamental fish recently. The consignment arrived at Bengaluru airport from Thailand,” said an airport official.

Later, the fish were transported to Kerala’s Kozhikode, after approvals from the Customs Department and the animal quarantine services in Bengaluru.

“The varieties included Betta Splendens (Fighting Fish) and Flower Horn Fish,” said the official.

Adorned with natural colours of blue, white, black, yellow and red, the fishes had wing-like protrusions shooting out of their bodies on all sides.

The fishes been individually packed in a plastic bag each and then in thermocol boxes for the flight and onward transportation to Kerala.

However, the official did not reveal if any of the fish died during the flight. Though the official could not confirm if this was the largest fish consignment handled ever, she confirmed that the airport doesn’t usually handle ornamental fish.

Meanwhile, the airport has raised the air conditioning temperature at its terminal and premises to 25 degrees Celsius to adhere to the recommended level in compliance with Covid guidelines issued by the India Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) for the operation and maintenance of AC spaces, as also approved by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD).

“Fresh air intake to central AC premises have been enhanced well above the recommended levels. AC temperature set point has been increased to 25 degrees Celsius to comply with recommendations of temperature range between 24-30 degrees Celsius,” said the official.

With the new AC temperature guideline, all ACs in the airport will be maintained at a degree above or below 24 degrees Celsius at all times.

Earlier, during normal times, the set point was 23 degrees Celsius.

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