Biden campaign, Democrats raise $364.5 million in August

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and joint fundraising committees raised $364.5 million in August, the Biden campaign said, setting a new monthly record for presidential fundraising.

“In August, together, we raised US $364.5 million. That figure blows me away,” Biden wrote in an email to supporters on Wednesday, Xinhua news agency reported. “And we raised it the right way, from people across the country stepping up to own a piece of this campaign, investing in the future we want to see for our kids and grandkids.”

The Biden campaign said online donations totalled US $205 million, or 57 per cent, representing “the best month of online fundraising in American political history.”

More than four million people have made contributions, with 1.5 million new donors in August, the Biden campaign said, adding that 95 per cent of the contributions to the campaign came from grassroots supporters.

In August, Biden announced his vice presidential pick, California Senator Kamala Harris, and officially accepted his party’s nomination in the first-ever virtual Democratic National Convention.