Bend it Like Beckham – iPhone 6 Plus Bending News

Its Sad.. very sad for me, I expected a lot from this iPhone 6 Plus. If you have an iPhone, you have iPhone but if its bend than its a bending iPhone. News on air is that Apple iPhone 6 Plus are bending in pockets of owners.

Firstly its will break your pocket, then it will bend eventually.

With an proper amount of force from your hand you can easily bend your new iPhone 6 Plus as its made of aluminium and according to science, aluminium bends.

I know Aluminium bends if its a raw material (I am a Mechanical Engineer), a company of Apple stature should have processed it and make an alloy that doesn’t bend (at least it should not bend from your hands force).

Above video will show an iPhone Bending test and i must tell you it doesn’t look good, it bends too much.

But, how does an Samsung Galaxy Note 3 performs under the same stress, we have another video to show that, and surprisingly it doesn’t bend at all.


All in all I can say, both the phones are made of different material and iPhone 6 plus is bendy and it will bend in your pockets as well. So don’t buy it now, wait for Apple’s recall of devices or maybe wait for an iPhone 6s version.

Hopefully these videos are not bended, hoaxed.