AppleCare Plus now covers unlimited Repairs

If you’re the type of individual continually dropping your phone, AppleCare Plus may have just become a much better deal. The service now shields “unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection.”

However, as per an archived interpretation of the AppleCare Plus page last month, you are limited to “two incidents of accidental injury protection every 12 months.”

Before you ditch your phone in the air in the extravaganza, though, do state that the service fees and deductibles are still approximately a screen or back glass repair will priced at $29, while “other accidental damage” will run you $99. Also, Apple’s fine print notes that the damage has to be caused by “unexpected and unintentional events” to fall under AppleCare Plus.

The service is perhaps a bit surprisingly still the same price. However, that was a recurring theme during Apple’s event on Wednesday. You are getting it for a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro that will cost $9.99 for one month or $199 for two years, the exact price it used to cover an iPhone 13 Pro. However, protecting the iPhone 14 Plus does cost more than wrapping the regular iPhone 14 or the iPhone 13: it’s $8.99 a month compared to $7.99 a month or an extra $30 if you purchase the two-year scheme.

The upgrade to the assistance isn’t just for the phones Apple revealed on Wednesday. You can also obtain it for the iPhone 13 and 12 and the rest of Apple’s lineup. So yes, this will also cover you if you keep accidentally shipping your AirPods through the wash, knocking your iPad off the counter, shattering your watch in a fall, or sitting on your MacBook Pro.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a single model of the price for coverage going up, though acquiring AppleCare Plus for the Apple Watch Ultra does cost a little higher than it does for the Series 8.

One conclusive vital thing to note: if you get AppleCare Plus with theft and loss security, replacements for stolen or lost iPhones are still limited to two per year. You’ll still earn unlimited repairs, but if you lose your iPhone twice a year, you’ll be out of luck not that it chimes like you had much good fortune to start with.

AppleCare is a warranty and support service Apple provides for products from the company. For most new buys of Apple hardware, one year of the limited warranty and 90 days of technical support are included, with the possibility to purchase plans for more extended service periods.

AppleCare began as an optional augmented warranty option for the Macintosh; sales grew dramatically with the intro of the iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple does not disclose sales figures for AppleCare services. Still, Warranty Week estimated sales of $1.3 Bn in 2007, $3.4 Bn in 2011, over $6 Bn in 2014, and $7.25 Bn in 2015, making it the world’s most extensive extended warranty program. In addition, in 2011, Apple introduced AppleCare+, an option that covers accidental damage for iPhones.