Apple working on dual-monitor mounting system for Pro Display XDR

Apple is reportedly working on a new dual-display stand that can mount a pair of Pro Display XDR monitors.

First spotted by Patently Apple, this patent was first filed back in March 2019 but only published by the US Patent And Trademark Office this week.

It appears that users with the dual-display stand will not only be able to adjust the two screens vertically or horizontally but can also position the screens from the centre through dedicated hinges.

“A display stand has two spaced-apart legs connected by a horizontal support bar that is attachable to multiple displays.

“Carriage assemblies allow the stand to adjust the vertical position of the displays, shuttles and rails allow the stand to adjust the horizontal positions of the displays, and a central joint on the support bar allows the stand to adjust the angle between the displays,” the patent reads.

The patent also stresses that the shuttles on the continuous rail provide “smooth, consistent contact” with the rails despite adjustments to the support bar using wheels.

The current Pro Stand for the Pro Display XDR retails for $1,000, and we can expect the dual dual-display stand to cost more than its siblings.