Apple Watch Series 8: Able to detect if you own a fever

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 reportedly comes with a body temperature sensor that can tell whether you’re running a fever.

Instead of giving you an accurate reading, it is believed that the watch should be able to catch a spike in body temperature and then promote you to talk to a doctor or use a thermometer.

The body temperature sensor still holds to pass internal testing. If it does, Apple’s expected to include the feature in the Watch Series 8 and the rumored “rugged” smartwatch for extreme sports athletes. However, the upcoming entry-level Apple Watch SE likely won’t have the sensor.

Rumors of a new body temperature detector have been hovering around for over a year. We expect a body temperature sensor “as early as this year.” Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo accepts the sensor will debut later this year.

The body temperature sensor could also be utilized for fertility tracking — changes in body temperature could help someone decide when they’re more likely to get pregnant or predict when they’re going to get their period. However, it is mentioned that fever detection is in the most recent report, so it’s still unclear how (or if) Apple plans to add cycle-tracking capabilities.

Aside from the body temperature sensor, any other changes to the Apple Watch’s hardware “will probably be minor” and hint at the possibility of an improved display in higher-end models. It was predicted last week that the Series 8 processor would have the same level of performance and agility as the previous S7 and S6 chips — we likely won’t see an upgrade until 2023.

In terms of health-tracking features on other upcoming devices, the new model of AirPods Pro, which is rumored to focus on the fitness of the body, likely won’t arrive with temperature or heart rate detection this year.