Apple M2-powered MacBook Air is Cheaper

The redesigned MacBook Air is a slim, lightweight device powered by Apple’s newest chip. The M2 model trumpets a 1080p webcam and a more satisfactory display than its predecessor while maintaining features like long battery life and MagSafe charging.

It may have low storage on the base model for slower than the new 512GB M2-powered Air, but it’s still faster overall and should satisfy the average person’s needs.

In addition, it significantly improves upon one of the things we disliked the most about the M1-powered Air: its awful 720p webcam. Instead, the newer model boasts a far superior 1080p camera.

However, if you prefer something with faster and greater storage capacity, you’re in luck: the model with 512GB of storage is still on sale for $1,349 in select colors at Amazon.

Shifting away from laptops to 4K TVs, you can buy Hisense’s new U7H Series TV in the 65-inch configuration for just $749.99 instead of $1,049.99 from Amazon and Best Buy — a new all-time low price. Through October 31st, Hisense is also throwing in a 100-day return guarantee when you register your TV within 14 days of purchase, so you can return it after giving it a whirl.

If you decide to keep the TV, Hisense will provide you $100 when you register your details here within 100 days of your purchase or delivery date. So, it’s as if you only paid $649.99 for the TV.

The TV is a fast 120Hz refresh rate and supports Dolby Vision HDR. You can also make voice requests thanks to supporting Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something to stream after a long day, given the TV uses the Google TV platform, which recommends shows and movies you may like to watch from your favorite streaming services.

For those who prefer buying Apple’s official products over third-party alternatives, you may want to check out this MagSafe Battery Pack deal. Verizon sells the magnetic power bank for $74.24 instead of $99.99, which matches its all-time low.

The 1,460mAh battery can charge your iPhone with up to 15 watts when plugged into a 20-watt power brick and at 7.5-watts when wirelessly charging it.

While that’s slow, and it may not be able to charge newer iPhone models fully, the portable charger will top them up enough so that you won’t run out of battery while on the go. Plus, you can check its charging status on your iPhone — something unique to the MagSafe Battery Pack — or use it to charge a pair of AirPods via MagSafe wirelessly.

Apple’s compact MagSafe Battery Pack is the only option for magnetic wireless charging on the go that is integrated with iOS for visible charge levels. It does not pack enough juice to charge an iPhone 14, but it’s convenient for top-ups.