Apollo, a widely-used Reddit application, will be ceasing its operations on June 30th

Apollo, a widely-used Reddit application shutting down

Apollo, a popular third-party Reddit app, will be closing down on June 30th, according to an announcement made by its developer, Christian Selig. The decision comes after Reddit implemented a new policy that requires developers to pay a significantly high amount to access its API.

Selig revealed in late May that Reddit was charging $12,000 for 50 million API requests, a cost that would amount to $20 million per year given Apollo’s large user base. Unable to afford such expenses, Selig found it unfeasible to continue operating the app.

Despite protests from users and Reddit moderators who rely on third-party apps, Reddit has remained firm on its pricing plans. This change renders it impossible for Apollo to sustain its services. Selig expressed the difficulty of adapting to sudden massive costs after relying on a free API for eight years, especially within a 30-day timeframe.

Apollo has gained immense popularity as a third-party Reddit app, largely due to Selig’s continuous efforts in introducing new features and engaging with users for feedback. While Reddit has its own official app, it lacks the extensive feature set provided by Apollo. Consequently, users who heavily depend on Apollo will undoubtedly be disappointed by this development.

In recent days, Selig attempted to negotiate with Reddit to reach a more reasonable API pricing agreement. However, it became evident that Reddit had no intention of revising its pricing structure. Reddit even accused Selig of attempting to extort money from the company and claimed that Apollo was operating inefficiently. Unfortunately, Reddit failed to provide Selig with specific information on how the app could be improved to reduce API usage.

Although Selig believes he could rewrite the code to enhance Apollo’s efficiency in the long run, Reddit has granted him only 30 days to implement code changes, transition to a subscription model, migrate users, and make other necessary updates. The cost, strained relationship with Reddit’s leadership, and the tight timeframe collectively contribute to Selig’s inability to sustain Apollo under the new API pricing conditions.

Selig has shared comprehensive details regarding his decision to shut down Apollo, including transcripts and audio recordings of his discussions with Reddit, highlighting the events that led to this outcome.