Anthony Wonke: ‘The Man Who Walked Around The World’ has an art film aesthetic

Emmy and triple Bafta-winning director Anthony Wonke says his documentary about Scotch whisky icon Johnnie Walker, titled The Man Who Walked Around The World, has an art film aesthetic.

“‘The Man Who Walked Around The World’ has an art film aesthetic. It is a predominantly archive-led film but at its heart you are exploring the insides of an institution. You are trying to understand how an icon works,” Wonke told IANS.

Wonke has previously helmed the 2015 British documentary film on Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, titled Ronaldo. Talking about what went inside making his new documentary, he said: “I think that’s where it’s similar to my other films, like Ronaldo or Star Wars — these are big iconic symbols.”

He added: “Trying to understand that and who they are and their cultural relevance is interesting, and brings some similarities to my previous films. Otherwise it is quite light-hearted in its tone, but it is still trying to address deeper, more important and contemporary subjects of today.”

The Man Who Walked Around The World is an independent feature documentary that aims at exploring the global cultural impact of the whisky over a 200-year journey that started in a grocery shop.