Android Market Share 2013 | The Battle of Android and iOS Remains Close

android market share 2013 vs ios

Time’s Tech website has shared some interesting (ios-vs-andoird)android market share. 2013has been all android by sales and financially iOS has been in winning streak. Both the platforms are no doubt very popular and are favorites among thousands of users, here we will focus our talks to the android market share 2013.

Android vs iOS remains the heated topic among smartphoneenthusiastsand its never going to end. To consider which one is still leading let’s see some facts about them. With a bunch of examination from Harry McCraken at time, from the forth quater of 2012, as first quarter results are still small for this year. So here are the data from various research firms.

android market share 2013 vs ios

Android Phone vs Apple iPhone

According to Kantar Worldpanel Comtech showed that Android Phones has a 52% share in sales while iPhone has 43%.Worldwide,Androidphones sells a lot, according to IDC in the fourth quarter of 2012 Android had more than 70% share while iPhone had 21%.

Android Tablets vs iOS Tablets

iOS won the tablet share in the market as it grabbed 53.8% and Android left behind with 42.7%, so in tablets the iPad is still the most popular tablet operating system.

CompanyComparison- Samsung vs Apple vs others

In thiscomparison,accordingto IDC Samsung has scored over Apple. With 29% smartphone shipments in Q4 2012 Samsung has topped the first place. While the Apple iPhone has the second place with 21%. The major market still uses phones from other companies, there market share in 49.2%. Which will change for sure in future.

Money Making with Smartphones

With only two major phone companies making profit, Apple has grabbed 72% of profit, while samsung made 29%. The total is more than 100 because all other major companies like HTC, Windows handsets either reached the break even point or got broke in profits share.

Application Market

Both android and ios platforms have strong hold on apps share and they both have same 800,000+ apps in market. So no winners there. But if we talk about tablet apps, iOS has more than 300,000 and android are not in the numbers to becompetingyet. With the best app data also shows the iOS users are more happy with 68.5scoreandAndroidwith 63.3 score over 100.

While in making money with apps iOS has won by a big difference, 74% is what Apple is getting andAndroidhas only 20%. If comparing the internet usage by these platforms, again iOS has won by a fair amount of percentage share i.e 61.4 to 24.9 for android.

If we talk about the business users then also iOS remains the favorite with 62% and 35% for the Samsung. So who actually is the winner in these two big giants. Well i would say Both are winning battles in one or another scenario, but android market 2013 has certainly increased a lot and with many more mobile makers choosing android platform it will still increase a faster pace.