Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Buy Washington Post in $250 million


Jeff Bezos owner of has struck a great deal buying the Washington Post. But why does this online shopping business owner needs a news website?

Jeff Bezos is a supreme investor and for sure we will bring some breakthroughs while running Washington Post. Amazon has been a great example of what can you do to run a successful business online.

Jeff is really a big fish when it comes to online marketing and profile transformation, anyone would really want Jeff to own their company due to par excellence. I don’t think he is into any mind games with this deal. In past he has invested in various fields from rockets to atomic clocks, he is not in for money but he has a style that make him a cool buyer.

amazonAlthough online selling (e-commerce) and news business doesn’t always mix up but it doesn’t mean he can’t capitalise on this. Amazon has some really cool features, like a different front page, to every return user, how about adding this feature to a news website.

With his varied business in commerce and media, the possibilities can become huge, the market for him will increase a lot. To sum up the whole concept there are lot of things Jeff can try and Amazon can experiment with the new user base. Let’s see what can happen when the deal gets finalised. The deal was simple, with 2-3 meetings, a price was asked and Jeff agreed on it.

So what do you think, will this deal can really benefit the e-commerce giant (Amazon).