Amazon makes Luna cloud gaming service available on Android

Amazon has now started making its cloud gaming service Luna available for Android users.

It now works on select Pixel, Samsung and OnePlus devices.

To use the service, one need not download a separate Luna app. They can access it through the Chrome web browser.

“To get started with Android, launch your Chrome browser, go to slash Luna and you should see a prompt. The prompt should ask you to add Amazon Luna to your mobile phone as a web app,” Raghu Chirravuri, Product Manager at Amazon Luna, said in a video post on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Launch the web app on your mobile phone, sign in, and you should be ready to start playing.”

Chirravuri said that Amazon Luna plans to add support for more devices in the future.

Luna is available by invitation only. Interested users can sign up for early access on the company’s website.

When Amazon’s cloud gaming service Luna was rolled out for early access in October, it was initially available on PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, and iPad, leaving Android users out in the cold.

With cloud gaming, you do not need gaming consoles or gaming PCs. Games stream directly from the cloud to your screens, and you can play anywhere you have high-speed internet access.

Luna is only available in the US right now, The Verge reported.