Amazon Adds More Fuel To Its Irish Operations; Plans to Create 500 more New Jobs in 2 years

E-commerce and cloud computing giant, Amazon, has become more aggressive than ever, expanding its presence and operations all over the world with more agility than ever before.

To prove just that, it has recently announced its intentions of creating 500 high-tech jobs in its Dublin hub over the next two years in a bid to expand its European workforce.

The company explained that it was investing to expand its fulfillments network, increase EU-based research and development (R&D), and build new infrastructure to support its growing cloud-computing business.

“From the Amazon retail side we’ve continued to see tremendous growth across not only the traditional retail business but also on the devices space, with Kindle, Amazon Echo. These products have proved to be really popular with our customers. The addition is just to continue to support those customers,” Amazon Ireland’s General Manager, Jeff Casalden, said.

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It should be noted here that Dublin is the highly coveted technical center of Amazon operations in Europe, and hence vital in every sense of the word. Dublin has also been an epicenter for engineering new technologies, further aiding a lot of Amazon’s ventures. So obviously, through the current job expansion process, the company is mainly trying to focus on high-tech positions, by hunting for data center technicians, software engineers and customer support staff. Being frugal with respect to time, the recruitment has already begun in full swing for roles, which include software development engineers, network development engineers, optical deployment engineers, security and big data specialists and a range of other critical technical management positions.

When Amazon launched its base in Ireland for the first time in 2004, it initially created jobs for data center technicians and networking staff.  Amazon Web Services, often abbreviated to AWS, first started its service in Ireland in 2006.  Currently, the company’s pan-EU business has over 80 corporate offices, fulfillment centers, seller and customer service centers, R&D centers, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenter regions, and employs around 40,000 people from Europe. Amazon offers and discounts on millions of products is another key reason for their success in Asian market . The company also has its offices in Cork, where it employs about 1700 people and the staff is mainly streamlined to focusing on customer support.

Since its inception in Ireland, the company has only displayed an upward sloping growth curve, with the company going for a round of expansion even in 2014, with the announcement of 300 new jobs, a shift to larger premises, and valuation of its Irish operations at a staggering 1.5 billion pounds. Not surprisingly, these jobs were filled up ahead of their time.

“We are seeing stronger demand than ever from our customers all across Europe, and we see lots more opportunity across Amazon’s businesses to invent and invest for the future”, Xavier Garambois, vice president of Amazon EU Retail said in January.

“We created over 10,000 new jobs in 2015 and plan to create several thousand more in 2016 at all education, experience and skill levels, from speech and linguistic scientists to digital media experts to fulfillment center and customer service associates,” he added.

Although the company has not made official the investment amount to the latest expansion drive in Ireland, but if the business kept growing at the same pace, then it’s only rational to expect further investment in both the workforce and infrastructure in Ireland.

The announcement was welcomed by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor, along with a word of caution for the Ireland government to not get smug about this entire scenario.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has become aggressive in both diversifying and expanding its operations in the recent past, and the Ireland expansion drive is just a smaller fragment of the larger picture. Amazon has planned to step up its game, and shoot up its investment in Europe this year, employing several thousand more staff, despite the stricter scrutiny over its tax, privacy and employment records. The e-tail giant is also concentrating on developing its digital media, grocery delivery, device and cloud-computing business. Another strong rationale behind this expansion drive is of exerting its economic s importance in the region, following the cue of Google and Apple, so that they can ward off the regulatory hurdles, particularly in taxes, placed for the Silicon Valley giants in the European region.

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