All US adults eligible for Covid-19 vaccine by April 19: Biden

US President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that all American adults will be eligible for Covid-19 vaccine by April 19.

Biden announced the new timetable after his visit to a vaccination site in Alexandria, Virginia, moving up his original deadline of May 1 by nearly two weeks, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Biden said that 150 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered within his first 75 days in office, in line with a stated goal of 200 million shots by his 100th day in office.

He urged Americans to continue to practice pandemic safety measures, saying the country is not “at the finish line yet” and may experience more “disease and misery” before July 4.

A few weeks ago, Biden called on states, tribes and territories to make all US adults eligible for vaccination no later than May 1.