After Slot booking Saga, Rs 1000, I heard this Astonishing News


After a month of slot booking issues on Cowin web and mobile platform, I finally got my first vaccination on 1st June by paying Rs 1000.

But that’s not making me angry ?

I am angry because other countries like Hong Kong, US are getting incentives if they get vaccinated.

Last week, Hong Kong Airport Authority announced 60k plane tickets, now property developers announced a lottery, open to only fully vaccinated residents 18 and older, for a one-bedroom apartment worth $1.4 million (total area: 449 square feet)

President Biden announced giveaways, like free tickets to sporting events, free flights and free beer, would be part of an aggressive campaign to have 70 percent of U.S. adults at least partially vaccinated by July 4. California is trying a lottery.

Another news now is about the New York’s latest vaccination incentive: a full-ride scholarship to a public state college.

And now in India, we are fighting daily to book slots, we are fighting daily with automated bots, that don’t allow common people to get vaccinated.

There may be lack of trust in government recommendations and the fear of adverse reactions in other countries. But in India we have faith on our government and the vaccinations.

Anyways, on a lighter note, let’s ask Modi ji to provide an incentive for people that have got vaccinated.