Adult tiger found dead in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

An adult tiger has been found dead in the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary in the Dudhwa tiger reserve.

The carcass of the tiger, aged around eight years, was found near a canal on Sunday evening. Though there were no visible injury marks on its body, a slight swelling around its neck was noticed.

Sanjay Pathak, Dudhwa’s field director, said that the carcass had been sent for autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.

“The autopsy will be done by a panel of doctors at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) in Bareilly on Monday,” he said.

This is the third tiger death in the state in a month.

An adult tiger was electrocuted in a field near the social forestry area of Lakhimpur Kheri district on March 1, when it came in contact with electric fencing laid by poachers to hunt wild animals.

Within a fortnight, on March 15, the carcass of an adult tigress was found in the Mala forest range of Pilibhit tiger reserve.

Then four cubs, spotted near the carcass, have gone missing and none of them have been traced till date.

Wildlife experts believe that their chances of survival without mother’s feed and protection is virtually impossible.

Forest officials in Dudhwa are yet to rescue a tiger that was sighted in the reserve with a snare around its neck. The snare had been set by a poacher to trap wild boar.

Though foresters are not willing to say what has happened to it, a tigress that had managed to break free of a trap but could not shake off the wire coiled around its neck, had died as it could not eat or drink for 10 days in Jatpura beat of Mailani range in August last year.

On February 14, two poachers were arrested with a tiger skin which was killed inside Dudhwa forests.