A Look At 10 Antic iPhone Accessories

TV Hat

Well there’s no words if we talk about iPhone experience however it is greatly improved by a few choice accessories like – A cool speaker dock and A snazzy case, for example — there are companies out there who have taken the concept to the extreme level.

Lets take a light-hearted look at 10 unwanted iPhone accessories which can only the true gadget-addict would consider a good investment.

Just go through the gallery Have a laughable moment, and let us know what do you think about it and also if you’re planning to buy it.

1. TV Hat

TV Hat
$ 30

If you want to watch movies on your iPhone outside, you’ve got a couple of options. You can hold it in your hand like a sucker, or you can lay out $30 for this TV Hat, an absurdly long-billed baseball cap with a built-in hood like an even bigger sucker. Just harness your iPhone at the end of the darkened viewing chamber and you’re good for hands and glare free viewing. Alternatively, duct tape your iPhone to your face. Whatever!

2. Freehand gloves

free hand gloves
$ 28

That’s great,it’s a cold climate handwear for the iAddicted.if you are planning to buy it on the basis of how you can use your phone whilst wearing them, then i think you might be little into it.

3. Marware Game Grip

marware game grip
$ 40

If you want to give a little look to your iPhone like a batman then you can buy it.

4. iPhone Gadget Hostler

HOSTLEROh look ,so cool right, Here is the fashionable e-Volve™ Gadget Shoulder Holster is a new “carry all” shoulder holster that allows you to get all of your personal electronic gadgets off your belt, out of your pockets and into a comfortable shoulder holster.

5. Stylus

stylusSketch, type and navigate with greater precision.This model boasts anodized aluminum with subtle highlights, and a strict attention to detail .

6. Telephoto Lens

telephoto lens
$ 39.95

This is the detachable lens that adds 8X optical magnification to your iPhone 3G or 3GS’s built-in camera. A black cover snaps into place around your iPhone, securing the telephoto lens in position over the iPhone’s camera lens. The adjustable 8X zoom lens has a manual focus that allows you to capture distant subjects clearly with a 16º angle of view. An included aluminum mini tripod has 4″ legs and connects via a universal attachment that gently clamps to your iPhone. For iPhone 3G and 3GS only. 2 1/2″ H x 4″ W x 2 1/2″ D (2 oz.)

Well but the problem is that’s no longer available, so its better if we will choose a camera with gazillion times zoom in spite of this.

7.  Hoodle

$ 20

Keep your iPhone snug and cozy with a pint-sized hoodie! It even has a fuzzy fleece lining for extra protection. All your technology will get a chance to be comfy and you can use with all generations of the iPhone.

8. Icarta toilet roll holder

icartaI hope no one have words now with one. It’s a Stereo Dock for iPod® / iPhone with Bath Tissue Holder. isn’t it great.

9. ION i type keyboard

itypeION has unveiled a new accessory for the Apple iPhone at this years CES, the ION iType. The ION iType of a full size QWERTY keyboard accessory for the iPhone, and as you can see from the photo the iPhone actually slots into the iType keyboard.

And this is specially designed for travellers who want to use larger keyboard with their iPhones.

10. Windshield Wiper

wiperOh great, well, this was not a joke it is really a windshield wiper for iPhone.