8 Tech Startups To Save The World

Last Monday, Social summit held in New York, aims at finding new ways to use new media and technology to make world better.

This summit will starts with an inaugural “Startups for Good Challenge” and includes several number of events.This competition’s primary goal is to tackle, and solve, domestic and international issues. Wining organization will get $10,000 as wining amount .

The following eight finalists have been selected.

1. Kopernikconnects tech providers and investors to supply items to NGOs. It solves the problem by providing an online marketplace offering simple techonology which removes bacteria.

2. Simple Energyencourages people by giving rewards for their energy saving and most-at-home green measures.

3. Catchafirehires marketing and finance volunteers to pair them with organizations based on their skills and interest.

4. Roseicollis Technologiesincreases energy output by 40 percent due to its tiltrequires less maintenance than a motorized panel and has already improved the lives of 1,000 people in Kenya.

5. em[POWER] Energy Groupmakes use out of waste. It improves the sorting process of recyclables, turns organic and water waste into electricity and creates high quality compost.

6. Awaaz.De means “give voice” . India based nonprofit organization which enables people in emerging countries to get expert advice for variant areas, just by dialing a toll-free number.

7. Sparkedinvites volunteers to contribute to a range of causes, without stepping away from the computer.

8.Prove My Concept,an educational software company aims at inspiring and supporting young entrepreneurs. It provides a framework for high school students to analyze their business concepts independently, with teacher feedback.