7 Reasons Facebook’s Timeline Still Sucks

Timeline on Facebook can’t be avoided anymore.You must have read the posts: “Help! Timeline is coming for me!” “Me no likey timeline!” “Agh! Timeline! I’ll see you in hell, Mark Zuckerberg!” “Old One is Better!”.

Since late January of 2012, Facebook’sTimelinehas replaced the Wall and Profile of each of us and our friends. On Facebook, no one can hear you scream. We offer to you seven reasons why Timeline sucks, even though we’ll continue to post, share, and “like” photos.


1.Timeline non-optional – Timeline is non-optional that is you can’t avoid it on Facebook. Facebook can and will do whatever it wants to with its users. Privacy? Choice? Mark Zuckerberg has never asked what consumers actually wants. He has convinced people to accept an invasive, confusing social networking site that may be even doesn’t help you to keep in touch with your friends.

2.Even Mark Zuckerberg can’t explain what it is – At the official roll-out of Timeline, Zuckerberg delivered most unexciting and unhelpful speech. Even he can’t explain what Timeline is about other than repeating mantra “Timeline is the story of your life.”

Timeline is an ugly, visually confusing collage of photos, useless apps, and personal information that shouldn’t be shared with every single person on the planet.

3.Timeline will suck up even more of our time -Timeline is insanely complicated. Sorting out what it does and how you can make it look a more pleasing takes time that most people just don’t have.

4.Nobody wants to spend time “teasing” their Timeline into shape – By “tease” we mean methodically updating privacy settings, checking to see who can and who can’t see photos of yougetting wastedafter work, and deciding if something you posted more than five years ago is really appropriate for the current chapter in the story of your life. Facebook’s Timeline really suck up our time.

5.It’s a playground for stalkers – Timeline is an ideal resource of displaying too much information for stalkers, identity thieves, the federal government, etc.People might even download all of the photos you’ve posted, make a collage , and can even “share” a grainy and chilling photo of the results on your Timeline!

6.Too many apps – Many of us log on Facebook with our email accounts probably we didn’t want to share with the world what we does in our private life. But it is evidenced on our Timeline, thanks to an “app” that erodes the boundary between what we do in our private life and what everyone else in the world knows about us.

7.You’ll realize, you’re spending WAY too much time on Facebook -Facebook users will commit Facebook suicide due to the intense amount of work that goes into maintaining a Timeline. Infact the creepy “map” app in the upper right of your Timeline whichshows everyone where you’ve been in accordance to Zuckerberg’s vision for a “new way to tell your story” is just a front for making money from advertisers.

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