2021 to see us as leading tech-lifestyle brand in India: Realme

Aiming to sell 30 lakh Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) in the festive Q4 quarter, Realme on Friday said that 2021 will see the company further cement its position as the leading tech-lifestyle brand beyond just smartphones.

The company has already sold over 20 lakh AIoT products in the ongoing October-December quarter, among which more than 190,000 are Smart TVs.

“We aim to launch more than 100 new AIoT and lifestyle products in 2021 with a comprehensive AIoT range like trimmer, smart bulb, etc so that customers can get all that they need for a smart, connected lifestyle,” Madhav Sheth, Vice President, Realme and CEO, Realme India & Europe, told IANS.

“Our fans will see a versatile, and really exciting AIoT product portfolio in the upcoming months. We are still working on the 2021 AIOT strategy, roadmap and general target. The ambition is big and we will announce more on it soon,” Sheth elaborated.

According to the Counterpoint Hearables Report (Q2), Realme emerged as the top brand in the true wireless stereo (TWS) market in the country.

According to the latest IDC report, Realme emerged as the leading brand in smartwatch category.

“On its first sale, Realme smart TVs had over 15,000 users opting for it in just 10 minutes. The numbers speak for themselves,” Sheth said.

“The festive quarter has seen an overwhelming revival in demand. The festive sales this year have been 20 per cent more than what we were anticipating,” he added.

The company aims to double down on its AiOt strategy for the next year.

“We will continuously democratise the latest technology to more consumers like 5G, cutting-edge camera technology, etc,” Sheth noted.

“We have a product and innovation-first mindset and will work towards building innovative products and bringing the best of technology to our consumers.”