10 More Features on Google+

The Google+ project was in in field for trial  under 90 days, and in that time they have made 91 different improvements (many of which are posted here). Google+ is still in its infancy, of course, but its more excited than ever to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software.Here are nine more features that get us that much closer :

1.+Hangouts: more places, more people, more to do :

Hangouts uses live video to bring people together, face-to-face-to-face. And from day one, the community has shaped and stretched the feature in amazing ways—from cooking classes togame shows to music concerts.They are determined to keep this momentum going, and to keep providing new ways to communicate in-person.

2. Hangouts on your phone :
In life we must have been connected with others in all sorts of places, at all different times. And the connections you make unexpectedly are often the ones you remember the most. But Google+ thinks Hangouts should keep pace with how you socialize in the real-world, so today they have launched it on the one device that’s always by your side: your mobile phone. To get started, simply find an active hangout in the Stream, and tap “Join”:

Hangouts on your phone: Stream View (left), Green Room (center), Portrait Mode (right)

But for now Hangouts are currently supports Android 2.3+ devices with front-facing cameras (and iOS support is coming soon). The new mobile app is rolling out to Android Market today, so you can start hanging out at any time, from just about anywhere.

3. Hangouts On Air
Google+ users already use Hangouts to create intimate onscreen experiences—with family members, prayer groups, even people with certain medical conditions. But sometimes you want to speak to a large audience, or alternatively, view as a spectator. In these cases a public broadcast is what’s needed, so they have introduced Hangouts On Air.

*working of hangouts on air..:

The setup is simple enough: just start a normal hangout, and you’ll have the option to broadcast and record your session. Once you’re “On Air,” up to nine others can join your hangout (as usual), and anyone can watch your live broadcast:

Hangouts On Air: Stream View (left), Full-screen Mode (right)

They have started  with a limited number of broadcasters, but any member of the Google+ community can tune in easily.

**** Hangouts with extras***
Spending time together goes hand in hand with actually doing things together. Dinner with family can easily turn into movie night at the local theater, for instance. And running into old friends can inspire anything from photo sharing to vacation planning. Hangouts has always included a basic set of in-room actions (like group chat and co-viewing of YouTube videos), but we want to make it easier to do a lot more. That’s why they are previewing some extras, including:

4. Screensharing:

It is useful when you want to show off your vacation photos, your high score, your lesson plan or whatever else is on your screen

5. Sketchpad:

It is useful when you want to draw, doodle, or just scribble together.

Hangouts with extras: Screensharing (left), Sketchpad (right)

6.Google Docs:

It is useful when you want to write, plan or present something with others.

7. Named Hangouts:

It is useful when you want to join or create a public hangout about a certain topic (like fashion or music or sports…)

Hangouts with extras: Docs (left), Named Hangouts (right)

The extras are still under construction, but as Google +wanted to preview these features and get your feedback sooner versus later. So they recommend to start a hangout, click “Try Hangouts with extras” in the green room.

8. Hangouts APIs
If field trial has taught Google+ anything about Hangouts, it’s that the community is overflowing with creative individuals. So in the wake of last week’s Google+ API launch, they are also releasing a basic set of Hangouts APIs. If you’re a developer who wants to build new kinds of apps and games (and who-knows-what-else), then you can find more details on the Google+ platform blog.

****+Search: find the people and posts you care about

9. Search in Google+
We people were asking for it, and theywere busy building it, so today Google+ is bringing Google’s search expertise to Google+. Just type what you’re looking for into the Google+ search box, and they will return relevant people and posts, as well as popular content from around the web.

If you’re into photography, for example, then you’ll see other enthusiasts and lots of great pictures. If you care more about cooking, then you’ll see other chefs and food from around the globe. In all cases, Google+ search results include items that only you can see, so family updates are just as easy to find as international news.

Search in Google+: photography (left), cooking (right)


10. Anyone can sign up for Google+—no invitation required.
For the past 12 weeks were into the  field trial, and during that time Google+ just listened and learned a great deal.Google+ is  nowhere near done, but with the improvements they have made so far n they are ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce their 100th feature: open signups. This way anyone can visit google.com/+, join the project and connect with the people they care about.