Why You Shouldnít Buy the Newest Smartphone Available Today

Newest Smartphone

A new smartphone from one of the major developer brands is released every single month. Be it Google, Apple, Samsung or anything else, weíre always bombarded with amazing ads for new devices.

Knowing how important a mobile phone it is to our lives these days, this may seem just fine too. However, do you really need that new flagship smartphone right now?

Weíre not saying that brand new smartphones arenít worth their salt. Yet itís really not a great idea to chase after those exclusive features and superior characteristics.

In this article, weíll tell you why you might want to wait a while.

Reasons NOT to Buy a New Mobile

  1. It will become obsolete very soon
  2. Older, cheaper models are almost just as good
  3. Itís way too expensive

Now, if your current mobile is old and has fairly outdated software and hardware, youíre totally ready for a new purchase. However, it doesnít necessarily have to be the model that was just released a month ago.

You can find a similar amount of new features and quality on medium price smartphones. Besides, for many activities such as pay by mobile casino gambling, GPS tracking or streaming, the quality of a device doesnít matter much.

True, they may not be as stylish as the next gen devices that are awaiting release. However, at such a rate of progress, the flagships lose relevance in just a few months anyway.

1. New Smartphones Age Quickly

Speaking of relevance, have you ever noticed how long the newest, most revolutionary phones are talked about after their release? Let us tell you, itís not a long time Ė a few weeks or months at most.

By the time these smartphones are launched into the market, many other companies are already developing phones with the same or even improved technical and functional characteristics.

Sometimes, these follow-up devices are way cheaper than the original flagship itself. So, if you simply wait a few months, you can buy a budget phone thatís almost just as good as that new phone (which isnít new anymore by that time).

The main difference between those is that one has a price tag of £1,000 while another costs only £500.

2. Older Models Are Often Just as Good

As we mentioned above, new smartphones often take the features of their predecessors and improve them. For this reason, many older releases sport most of the features available in flagship phones.

True, something completely new is introduced by new releases too. However, most of the features are available on phones that donít receive that much public attention or time on TV.

So, for a much better price, you can get similar quality. The only downside is that you may have to wait several months for a release of a cheaper device thatís on par with a recent blockbuster.

3. Way Too Expensive

After reading the first two points, this shouldnít come off as a surprise. Naturally, if you can pay less for the same kind of quality, features and innovations, why not do that?

If you buy a new phone once a year or two, you can save a lot in the long run and still get access to the newest technological advances. Well, you may be late by a month or two, but at such a fast pace, the delay is negligible.