Why midrange budget phones are worth buying than the flagship one

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Every year sees a wide array of smartphone launches. These phones come with different features and different prices. The cheaper phones fall in the category of budget phones. The phones with a slightly higher price are considered midrange phones. The expensive smartphones are known as the flagship phones. The budget plays a big role in the phone selection process. However, modern-day buyers also look for features. Keeping pace with the demand, mobile companies are bringing hi-tech midrange phones. However, here the question is which mid range phone is the best mobile under 20000?

If you go exploring, you will come up with many mid range phones tagged as hi-tech phones. These phones possess enough features to compete with the flagships as well. However, why should you opt for mid range phones when you can buy a flagship? Of course, price is a factor. But you can always buy a high range phone on EMI. 

Yet, mid range smartphones are continuously improving themselves. It is not uncommon to find 6000mah battery mobiles phones under Rs 20000. However, if you are still not convinced, here is a list of reasons to choose midrange over the flagships.

Mid range Phones Come With Impressive Hardware

Hardware is one of the key features consumers look for when they set out to buy smartphones. Modern-day midrange phones offer hi-tech hardware. Along with this feature, you will get low-cost smartphones which have quick charging solutions. No longer, you will have to wait hours for your smartphone to get fully charged. Therefore, while the flagship phones’ price increases with time, the midrange phones are gaining popularity among Indian consumers.

Of course, this does not mean that the days of the flagship are over. In case you are looking for the best hardware, and you will have to look for expensive phones. Yet, in today’s world, you don’t really need to have the best phones. Frankly, why should you search for the best when every year the mobile market sees a wide range of new launches? 6000mah battery mobiles are not out of the limit nowadays. Therefore, when you have the luxury of searching for a hi-tech phone that comes under Rs 20000.

Improved Performance

When it comes to performance, the flagships used to win the race. However, the time has changed. People now opt for midrange phones despite the promise of high-class performance from the flagships. What brought this sudden change? The mid-tier phone manufacturers are continuously uplifting their features of the phones. From high-resolution display to hi-tech image sensory, everything is available at a lower price. Modern midrange phones include super quick LET connectivity, unlike their older versions. 

To keep pace, the flagship phone manufacturers are also improving their products. However, the flagships have already made an impression of being the very best in the market. Thus, now people look for the best smartphone under 20000. 

Android Phones Offer Value For Money

2020 has taught the world a valuable lesson. The pandemic has led people to value money. Thus, now consumers look for products with value at a lower cost. If you look at Oppo A31, you will be amazed at the features of the phone.

Oppo A31 Features

  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GM Storage
  • 12+2+2 MP Triple Camera
  • 6.5 Display
  • Android Pie v9.0
  • 4230 mAH Battery

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