The best way to recycle your old mobile phone

mobile phone recycling

Mobile phones were much different a decade ago and at that time the concept of a mobile phone was just of a mobile phone but the advent of the smartphone changed the scenario and how a mobile phone is taken. Mobile phones are started playing a very important role in our everyday life. Especially with the number of amazing apps available in both the Google Play store and Apple’s app store.

Mobile phone manufacturers have played a very important role in bringing state of the art technologies into everyone’s pocket over the years. Although the advancements killed the need of many other gadgets especially cameras and handheld gaming devices along with table calculators. Over the years the smartphones have come a long way. And due to advancements in technologies million of devices have stayed in the drawers rather than finding a new home or being used as a useful device.

Below are a few creative ways mobile phones can be used.

Although it’s a nice idea to recycle mobile phone if you are unable to find a buyer why is willing to pay the desired price, you can still use it for different purposes and it will defiantly save you money. Keep reading different ways by which you can reuse your old mobile phone.

Security camera

You can use a mobile phone as a security camera without spending a lot of money on buying an expensive kit. The good thing is it can even work as a hidden spy security cam without any leads. It’s one of the best ways to use your old mobile phone. Especially Samsung devices which can take SD cards. Use of SD card can increase the saving capacity several folds allowing you to save hours of footage without any difficulty.

eBook reader

 Many enthusiast book readers have moved on to online books rather than traditional books. If you are one of those type of book readers you can easily use your old smartphone such as Samsung note 2 which was released more than 5 years ago as a dedicated eReader. The phone has a massive screen and a battery pack can increase the battery capacity several folds.

A dedicated navigation system

It’s nearly impossible to drive nowadays without a navigation system. Rather than buying a separate navigation system, you can use your old mobile phone as a dedicated navigation system which is free and at times much faster and reliable than a traditional navigation system. The mobile phone sat nav can defiantly save you money if you are a regular driver.

Childs first device

Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years, now toddlers also need a mobile phone to enjoy watching baby YouTube channels as they love to mimic what they see their parents doing. Giving one of your old mobile phones to your toddler is an excellent and very practical way to reuse your old mobile phone. It will help you save your mobile phone from going into your kids’ hands.

Dedicated alarm clock

It’s common for most the people finding hard to wake up in the morning without an alarm clock and its disastrous if the mobile phone dies on us. And having a dedicated HD alarm clock would be a great idea. Like that, you won’t have to rely on your mobile phone and you can be rest assured that your old mobile phone is always charged and ready to ring every morning to wake you up.

Recycle your mobile phone

You can find tons of other ways to use mobile phones but if by any means you do not fancy any creative way to use your old mobile phone then you can always recycle old mobile phone with a phone recycle company. Most of the mobile phone recycling companies across the globe especially in the UK are willing to buy almost any mobile phone which they can resell. Mobile phone recycling companies in the UK even buy broken and faulty mobile phones.