Should You Get your iPhone X a Case or go Caseless?

iphone X

Making one of the most surprising entries in the world of smartphones in 2018, the iPhone X and all its variants are a true revelation for the world. Sleek, slim, beautiful and more technologically advanced than anything that has come before it, the iPhone Xis a marvel.

While it may be one of the most advanced phones in the market, there is one peculiarity about the phone, which can be a cause for concern. It is the fact that the entire body of the iPhone X is made using glass. Yes, the front and back both.

iphone X

Being one of the most expensive phones in the market, you have to admit that the iPhone X is more than just a hefty investment. The amount of money you purchase it for easily makes it one of your most valuable possessions.

Its advanced technology and amazing features reflect the cost. Itís just that having two breakable surfaces on the phone make it a bit too fragile for the amount of money youíve paid for it. Itís a good idea to protect your investment that is more than $1,000, isnít it? In this case, a hard and durable aluminum iPhone case will get the job done.

What happens if You Break Your iPhone X?

All you have to do is quickly go through the support page that Apple has on its website and check out the service pricing to see what the cost is if you damage your iPhone X. Did you know that the repairs for the iPhone X screen itself will cost you almost $280 if it breaks?

Now, usually when your phone falls, it can damage more than just the screen. Youíre looking at high repair costs, especially if you donít have the AppleCare+ warranty. Itís quite easy to say that it is better to be safe than sorry when youíre looking at a bill like that for repairs.

It is apparent that you should get some strong protection for your phone. Hit Caseís aluminum iPhone case is just the thing you need to protect your investment.

Many people argue that the iPhone X users should go caseless. The reason? Apple has made strong claims that they have used the strongest and most durable smartphone glass to produce their latest phone.

While it may not completely break because the material is durable, that doesnít mean the iPhone X will not crack. The iPhones have always had a reputation for being one of the most cracked phones. Now, would you want to imagine walking around with a phone that has both the front and back surfaces cracked? Yeah, didnít think so.

The cost of repairs for the iPhone X are considerably higher than they have ever been for any other models they have come out with so far. The reason for that is the same reason why it is arguably the best mass produced phone in the market.

Apple designed the iPhone X to be unbeatable in every aspect of smartphones. The new processor makes it more energy-efficient and faster than any other iPhone, the camera image processing is unlike anything other phones can offer and the ďSuper RetinaĒ OLED display is a sight to behold, boasting the highest resolution in iPhones yet.

For all intents and purposes, the iPhone X has no equal in the market. It aligns with Appleís unspoken policy of never producing anything mediocre. We think itís a good idea to protect an investment like this. Donít you?

Hitcase Pro for iPhone

This is where the Hitcase Pro comes in. Waterproof, shock-proof and made with a low profile anodized aluminum frame, Hitcase Pro offers all the protection that your iPhone X needs.

One of the biggest cases that case less people make about phone covers is that they impede the functionality of phones. Thatís never going to be the case with this phone cover.

Hitcase didnít just make a protective phone cover; they went above and beyond to make sure that your experience of using the iPhone X is enhanced when you use Hitcase Pro. The cover makes your phone drop-proof for up to 16 feet. Itís MIL SPEC Shock rated so you can count on that to be true.

The IP69 waterproof rating for this cover allows you to take your iPhone X down to a depth of 33 feet without a worry. The camera experience is already amazing with an iPhone X and the Hitcase Pro makes it all the more amazing.

The cover allows you to mount any one of the three TrueLUX lenses for wide, macro or superwide shots to take even greater photos from your iPhone X. If youíre worried about being able to take your phone in and out of the case, the shock seal design makes it easy for you to take it out in a matter of seconds.

What more could you need to properly protect such an important investment?

Image Credits: iphone X from guteksk7/Shutterstock