Settling for pay as you go sim only deals? – Here’s what you need to know!

sim only deals

If you want to hold on to your existing cell phone, the pay as you go sim only deals would be perfect choice for you. When it comes to selecting a cell phone plan, a substantial percentage of users tend to settle for twenty-four months of contract plan attended by a new piece of device. So I this case, a comparatively cheaper monthly tariff, more flexible contract, shorter, deal are the best which can come through sim only deals. So it is basically a sim cad along with a selected tariff. You will need to pay off an upfront amount without being bound to any commitment or contract.

A highly flexible option

They are very flexible and this is why most of the people tend to choose this deal. The users will need to be in a contract with twenty-four months of deal when it comes to SIM only. Many networks provide both twelve months as well a rolling one- month of packages. This is evidently a more flexible option. You shall be capable of switching your tariffs more frequently. There are much lesser chances of falling short each month or just regretting over extra minutes and data that have not been used at all.

SIM only deals tend to be quite convenient

Now, there is no doubt that these are the most convenient options of all times. The PAYG packages or plans are affordable and flexible enough. However, they shall need you to keep your cell phone handy just when you will need to use it, and that is quite inconvenient an option. But the case is slightly different when it comes to the SIM only deals.  All of your texts, minutes and data are always ready to be used whenever you need them. Also, you will have a greater chance for making most out of your investment when you settle for this deal.

These deals will help you retain your existing contact number

Settling for a SIM only deal does not just indicate that you will lose out on your cell phone number for good. In order to retain your existing contact, you will simply need to get in touch with you existing network provider to attain a PAC that is, a Port Authorization Code. As soon as the new sim arrives, you will need to get in touch with the newly set network followed by quoting the temporary number that has been offered along with the SIM, your PAC as well as your existing number. They shall be sorting out the rest of it.

Last, of all, it is imperative to pick the right option for yourself to get the best value for money. One of the keys to reaching the right option is to the compare the details. Check what it provides you with, if the service will meet your specific criterions or no rather than only focusing on the price. When everything has matched, it is ideal to look for the price.

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