Saving battery while playing games on your phone

Saving battery

The growth of technology has led to games becoming far for accessible from our devices. The clear example of this being through smartphones, with a vast array of games that can now be played from anywhere in the world. These devices continue to play a very important role in our day to day lives. You can also have easy accessibility to punting and you can use the Delaware sports betting offers for use on your favourite sports. Aside from this, they also offer a platform for endless hours of entertainment. Whether this be the likes of Pokémon Go, which has been a hugely popular choice for many people.

With regular use of these devices, comes the continued issues of running low or even out of battery altogether. However, there are a number of ways to help save battery life on your smartphones, so you can keep playing these games throughout the day.

  • Lower your phone’s brightness

Dimming the display on your smartphone is a great first step in prolonging the phones battery life. You should also look at keeping the devices brightness down at all times, despite this negatively impacting the quality when playing some games. This means lowering it as much as possible, so that you can still see the screen clearly.

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  • Turn on power saver mode

Enabling power saver mode is another great way of maintaining battery life on your phone. Many games also now come with a built in power saver option, which can further help with this.

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  • Lowering volume of games

Another great way of saving power is to lower or even turn off the volume of the game. Over time this can save a lot of power but can also negatively impact the overall excitement of playing certain games which require sound.

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  • Closing background applications

Another common problem that causes for a lot of battery usage is background applications that have been left open. If you are not currently using these while playing the games, then you should close these. Common ones that stay open are Google, Facebook, Maps and all email applications.

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  • Disabling WI-FI and Bluetooth while playing games

Some games will require the need for WI-FI, so this step would not be useful. However, many do not need WI-FI or Bluetooth, so these should also be closed while playing to maintain power as both of these drain battery life.

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  • Turning on Flight mode

Enabling flight mode is also another great way of maintaining power so you can concentrate solely on playing games. This will of course mean that you are unable to receive calls, messages or use the internet. Therefore, this step should only be taken if you are not expecting an urgent phone call for example.

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  • Minimize the graphics and animation settings on your device

Another step to reducing the battery usage on your device is to minimize the graphics and animation settings. This can be easily done by enabling the developer mode. You can then either reduce or even disable this completely. By doing so you will notice an immediate change in improved battery life and the overall performance of the device.

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  • Obtain a power bank

If you are serious about gaming on your device, then the best step to take is to acquire a good quality power bank. These can be easily plugged into your device when it is running low or even out of battery altogether. These portable power banks are charged separately and then plugged into your phone via the USB port whenever this is required. These are simply a must have item for those who use there devices for extended periods of time.

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