Realme 2 Detailed Review: Beautiful Design within Your Budget

realme 2

It is difficult for new brands to make a scratch in the Indian market right currently considering how aggressive and swarmed it as of now is. Oppo took a risk and propelled a sub-mark called Realme recently to focus on the moderate section. What’s more, since it accompanied Oppo’s support, there was a great deal of desire that the organization’s first smartphone ought to do well. Furthermore, the Realme 1 exceeded desires, pressing some ground-breaking equipment and great takes a gander at an extremely aggressive value point. Barely three months and the organization is as of now out with its second smartphone, the Realme 2, and the gadget is tied in with bringing highlights that are mainstream in 2018.

Before we get into the review, it’s vital to see the Realme 2 not as an immediate successor, but rather as an adaptation of the Realme 1, despite the fact that the name would propose something else. The reason I say this is on the grounds that while the Realme 2 brings a notch display, a double camera setup, a unique finger impression sensor and a greater battery, which are positive redesigns, it likewise makes a stride back with a downsized processor and HD resolutions. It’s a smartphone that attempts to satisfy the shopper’s desires yet in the meantime forfeits some vital highlights also. Furthermore, it includes some major disadvantages that are like the Realme 1 at Rs 8,990. So is the least expensive scored smartphone in India worth purchasing? How about we discover.


realme 2

From numerous points of view, the Realme 2 currently gets everything the Realme 1 was absent from a planning viewpoint. The primary cycle was, for the most part, reprimanded for not including a unique mark sensor. You recover that now on the off the gadget notwithstanding face open. Both are to a great degree quick, smart and generally exact. Next up is the double camera set up on the back which is an overhaul over the single sensor on the Realme 1. Finishing the plan is an edge-to-edge notched display which keeps the Realme 2 more fully informed regarding the business incline, despite the fact that the 18:9 display on the Realme 1 was acknowledged too.

The Realme 2’s outline is to a great extent subordinate and well-known to the Oppo family. The front notch display seems to be like the Oppo A3s and Oppo F7. You have the lustrous back plastic board with precious stone examples on top which again appears to be like the A3s and F7. This arrives in a decision of Red, Black, and Blue alternatives. My review unit was in red and it’s entirely gaudy and will call some consideration if that is what you’re searching for. The other two alternatives ought to be more unpretentious and calm during the comparison. The plastic body additionally helps keep the heaviness of the smartphone on the lighter side of things in spite of an extensive battery housed inside. It’s likewise simple to hold in one hand in light of the fact that Realme has kept the impression like the Realme 1 notwithstanding the expansion in the span of the display.

The buttons around the edge have a pleasant material feel to it and the unique mark sensor on the back is to a great degree quick at opening the gadget. Be that as it may, the sensor sits flush against whatever remains of the back, which makes it troublesome on occasion to achieve it in one shot. I would have loved the whole body to have a more consistent and smooth feel to it, yet the glass sort of just stays there on the top awkwardly and influences it to look incoherent from whatever is left of the smartphone. The Realme 2 has a solid form to it and ought to withstand the periodic drops and weight. It additionally underpins a 3.5mm earphone jack and a solitary speaker grille that isn’t too uproarious and clear.


realme 2

As I said before, the notched display makes the Realme 2 more 2018 than the Realme 1. The most recent smartphone gets a greater screen and a bigger screen-to-body proportion (88.8 percent) with restricted bezels. The majority of this is incredible in case you’re searching for an ease scored smartphone in light of the fact that the Realme 2 is one of the least expensive with a display pattern at the present time. That being stated, the principal enormous detectable downsize here is that the Realme 2 accompanies an HD+ (720×1520) resolutions rather than an FHD+ resolution that the Realme 1 brings at this same value point. The pixel thickness is additionally a poor 271ppi, which implies hues on the screen don’t look profound and punchy.

While a scored show plans to offer a more immersive review understanding, it comes up short if the resolutions are poor. Watching recordings on YouTube and Netflix will look grainy and pixelated thus does playing diversions. It’s not the best experience by and large but rather it’s not terrible at the cost you’re paying. Splendor levels are great and the display is very noticeable under direct daylight. In any case, we currently proceed onward to what is the most essential perspective of the display – the notch.

We’ve said it a couple of times previously if the product and applications are not upgraded for the notch, it can truly inspire you to despise that temple. I as of late inspected the Nokia 6.1 Plus and found that the score execution was extraordinary on the grounds that the pattern never ate into any video I was viewing or any amusement I was playing. In such circumstances, the whole status bar would go dark and you would get a more customary 18:9 display, so you truly wouldn’t fret the score. Be that as it may, the Realme 2 gives indistinguishable poor notch usage from the Oppo A3s. Oppo is yet to appropriately streamline its ColorOS skin for the score and it appears.

The score on the Realme 2 will gobble up a portion of the review zones since recordings and amusements extend the distance. It’s the same as on the iPhone X too, and it’s generally realized that Oppo’s skin makes them glare similitudes to iOS. So a portion of the content gets eaten in PUBG and looking through website pages and messages in scene mode are without a doubt not the most ideal approach.


realme 2

One reason the Realme 1 was noteworthy at its cost was on account of it offered some entirely great equipment that incorporated an Helio P60 chipset, which is one of the better MediaTek processors out there, alongside up to 6GB of RAM. With the Realme 2, the organization chose to jettison MediaTek, picking a passage level Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It is fueled by an octa-core Snapdragon 450 chipset. This is combined with up to 4GB of RAM which is the variation I got for the review.

To the extent everyday use is concerned, you will see a few slacks and faltering when perusing through social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Applications set aside some opportunity to stack, particularly substantial gaming ones like PUBG. The reaction time between tapping on an application and opening it will see some defer too. The processor should deal with essential errands like informing and some multitasking great, however, it begins to demonstrate issues in the event that you push it past that point. Notwithstanding an AI gaming right hand, the Realme 2 isn’t a smartphone for gaming. Low resolutions aside, the smartphone begins to slack and falter a considerable amount when playing recreations like PUBG, that too with the default realistic setting on low. The execution is a conspicuous difference to the Realme 1 which was smooth and took care of most everything easily and no indications of slack.

The Realme 2 ships with ColorOS 5.1 skin over Android 8.1 Oreo. Oppo’s custom programming accompanies a couple of striking highlights that incorporate Smart Assistant, split-screen multitasking, Game Mode and some new security layers including the capacity to make application installments and buys by means of face acknowledgment. These are some helpful new highlights, yet it doesn’t stop the UI looking increasingly like Apple’s iOS. Ideal from the application symbols to the multitasking screen to the camera application, Oppo’s skin will influence you to feel like you’re utilizing an iPhone. What’s more, that would at present be fine if things worked easily, however, there is still some stammering to be found while looking through the UI and pulling down the notice menu.

Oppo’s product keeps on bringing some irritating highlights like the failure to swipe to expel notices. Despite everything you need to swipe and after that press the erase choice to expel a notice or hit the “X” toward the conclusion to evacuate them by and large. The application symbols are a blend of square and adjusted shapes and there’s a general absence of consistency.

That being stated, the product is as yet one of the more without bloatware skins out there. You won’t discover a lot of preloaded applications which ensures it won’t begin to overload on the gadget sooner or later. There are some useful highlights, for example, the choice to conceal the route bar and empower signal route with the resolution that you can make full utilization of the 18:9 display. Diversion mode will offload some applications with the resolution that you can use more memory while playing amusements. This will help lessen slacks and stammers while playing more designs escalated amusements, yet I’ve discovered that it doesn’t encourage an extraordinary arrangement if the chipset is underpowered.


realme 2

The Realme 2 gets a double camera setup, which influences it more to cutting-edge than its ancestor. The design is to a great extent the same – you get a 13-megapixel essential sensor on the back and an 8-megapixel sensor on the front. The additional 2-megapixel auxiliary sensor presently enables you to take profundity of-field photographs. You likewise get modes like Time-Lapse, Stickers and Panorama and extra highlights, for example, confront magnificence and HDR. As said previously, the camera application has an iOS-like UI so in case you’re comfortable with how things chip away at an iPhone then you should feel comfortable with the Realme 2.

Regardless of comparative camera arrangement, specifying appears to have enhanced with the Realme 2. Photographs look somewhat more honed and shading generation has likewise progressed. In open air settings, photographs caught will have great difference and light, yet there will be some measure of preparing at work. Shade speed is as quick as previously and there is an observable change in self-adjust. The camera can recognize and bolt on to a subject significantly speedier and precisely contrasted with the Realme 1. In low-light, photographs demonstrate some graininess, yet the sensor figures out how to hold some detail which regards see.

The 8-megapixel front camera takes fair selfies in great light. Introduction levels are all around adjusted and there is a decent measure of itemizing also. In low-light and indoor settings, selfies seem not so much point by point but rather more grainy. Facial highlights end up smooth and pale as you zoom in. In general, the double cameras on the back are a slight change with the additional advantage of bokeh support.

Battery backup

realme 2

When I explored the Realme 1, I was wonderfully astonished by how great the battery life was. The 3,410mAh battery inside the Realme 1 endured a decent day and a half all things considered utilization. The Realme 2 currently gets a significantly greater 4,230mAh battery. So it’s sheltered to state that the new gadget won’t quit on you effortlessly. Overall use, I figured out how to get around 2 days worth of charge. Under more concentrated use which incorporates playing illustrations escalated recreations, gushing recordings and music and perusing internet-based life applications, you should even now press out multi-day and a half worth of life.

On a normal, you ought to get a decent 6 long stretches of screen-on time, which is certainly not a terrible arrangement by any stretch of the imagination. The drawback of having such an expansive battery and absence of brisk charge support is that charging the gadget from zero to 100 percent will take an extremely lengthy time-frame. It takes near three hours to juice up the smartphone, which implies you’re likely going to charge it medium-term.


The Realme 2 is being publicized as a smartphone that brings what fans search for the most in a smartphone in 2018. This incorporates the notch, a double camera setup and a vast battery that keeps going over multi-day. What’s more, to that impact, the Realme 2 conveys these angles, however, in doing as such, the organization has additionally made a couple of tradeoffs. So you get an notched display yet the resolutions have now been downsized to 720p. You get a greater battery and double cameras, yet the chipset has been downsized to Snapdragon 450.

It’s difficult to decide on the Realme 2 when an extremely skilled Realme 1 is accessible at a similar cost. The Realme 1 set a standard for the brand, at any rate as far as execution. The Realme 2, be that as it may, is endeavoring to set an alternate standard i.e carrying the least expensive smartphone with an notch. Notwithstanding, it is an notch display that isn’t very much advanced and passes up a 1080p resolutions. This is the reason I consider the Realme 2 a variant of the Realme 1 rather than a successor.

In the event that you need a spending smartphone with a decent battery life and a score essentially in light of the fact that it is the pattern at this moment, at that point the Realme 2 is your solitary alternative under Rs 10,000. In any case, in the event that you need a smartphone that brings a superior execution and a superior display board at this same value, the Realme 1 is as yet the best an incentive for cash between the two. The Rs 10,990 variation of the Realme 2 has even less rhyme or reason thinking of you as show signs of improvement notched smartphone with the Honor 9N at Rs 11,999.