Planning to Buy a Refurbished Phone? Here is what to know

Refurbished Phone

For some people, buying used phones means you either lack money, or you are old school. However, thatís not always the case since refurbished phones have gone through repairs for a resale. Some used phones are still in excellent condition, especially the ones that buyers return to the shop in a month during the cooling-off period.

Used phones go through comprehensive checks before being sold to customers. The inspections ensure the phones are in working conditions. Also, retailers should completely and securely remove all data from the previously owned phone before selling. It is also the task of a retailer to ensure the phones are updated with the newest functioning system versions.†

In this article, you are going to know more about refurbished phones. 

Are you planning to buy a pre-owned phone?

It is everybodyís wishing to own an iPhone and enjoy its great features. Unfortunately, most iPhones are costly hence deterring some people from buying them. In such a case, buying used iPhones would be an alternative and advantage to those with low budgets. Getting a phone is as easy as one-click as long as you buy from a reputable company. Besides, you can buy your favorite phone from any trustworthy online mobile store. Numerous online shops sell all types of phones, and you will never run out of choice.  

The downside of refurbished phones

When you are planning to buy a refurbished phone, you have to consider specific options. For example, you have to know which brands and sellers will allow you to pay bits by bits for the latest smartphone. Additionally, know if the phone comes with a 12 months warranty no matter where you are planning to buy it. Established retailers usually offer 12 months warranty. Most new phones come with additional accessories such as earphones, unlike refurbished phones which come in plain boxes. In other words, refurbished phones might not come with all the accessories that new phones offer. Moreover, pre-owned phones will not have original packaging. 

Affordability of a refurbished phone

The price of a refurbished phone will depend on the type and features of a phone. This means some brands are costly than others; hence, you can save money if you want to buy the classy ones. Also, you will get a warranty phone based on where you made the purchase. You can buy the phone from a reputable firm to ensure you get a 12 months warranty. Exploring online shops like eBay and Amazon are another great way to find phones with a guarantee of 12 months warranty. If you buy from private sellers, it may be challenging to get a refund, depending on the type of phone you purchased. 


Purchasing a brand new phone can be costly for some people; hence, considering refurbished phones from an online mobile store could be an alternative. The good thing with refurbished phones is that you will get any brand you want at a lower price. But ensure you know the pros and cons before buying one. If you donít want disappointments, deal with a reputable company when making purchases.†

Image credit: Refurbished Phone via UliG/Shutterstock