OnePlusí flagship phone in the US: Working on all major 5G networks

Today, the OnePlus 10 Pro gains its third piece of the 5G triforce. Company representative Hayley Lavin says the gadget ďis officially certified on AT&Tís 5G network.Ē

Hence, itís now compatible with the next-generation wireless networks of all three major US carriers.

Thatís a significant feature on the phone meant to compete with the Galaxy and Pixel flagships of the world, which deliver full network compatibility right out of the entrance. The 10 Pro and the more recent 10T work with the 5Gs, and thatís a fundamental step in the right direction.

This whole 5G certification wasnít an issue until a couple of years ago because, you know, there wasnít a 5G network to connect to. Things began to change once Samsung and Apple flagships brought 5G support on board, and likewise, the networks grew from more than just rebadged LTE service. When OnePlus launched the 9 and 9 Pro in 2021, they came on the market with only T-Mobile and Verizon 5G certifications. The 10 Pro heeded suit when it launched before this year, too.

It isnít to express that using AT&T 5G is a life-changing experience, but itís enhancing and likely something youíll probably like in a few years as the network improves. Thatís what made the omission strange on the 9 and 10 Pro, and OnePlus appears to be making it a priority to complete the 5G picture on its US devices.

The OnePlus 10T gained AT&T 5G certification earlier this month, and now the flagship model has joined it. Thatís good news for the 10 Pro ó if OnePlus wants to compete against the dominant Android phone brand in the US, it needs to cover all of its bases.

OnePlus launched its flagship Ė the OnePlus 10T 5G, in the earlier months. The latest listing reveals that the upcoming OnePlus flagship has 160W fast charging support. The 3C certification listing suggests that the OnePlus 10T 5G will support 160W fast charging.

As per the listing, the deviceís charging adapter has model number VCK8HACH and supports 5V/3A, 11V/7.3A, and 20V/8A power output. The charger will support 15W, 80W, and 160W fast charging. Apart from it, the 3C listing doesnít reveal anything about the upcoming OnePlus flagship.