Mobile Geo-Targeting: Attract More Booth Visitors at Trade Shows

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A lot of effort goes into organising a trade show booth display. But still, there is a need to attract as many visitors as possible at a trade show. This seems to be quite a challenge for many entrepreneurs, and many of them are still relying only on outdoor advertising banners. Thankfully, we have created this piece to help you get as many visitors as possible to your booth.

1. Use Mailing List

Trade shows offer a great opportunity to interact closely with your current contacts. Consider sending them an email that tells them where your booth is located at the trade show. This will help a lot, especially if they will be attending the same occasion. With the mailing list, there is the value of reaching your clients directly and receiving useful feedback from them. Note that most professionals usually attend such events with their colleagues who might offer a great opportunity for your business to prosper.

2. Contact Influencers

Maybe you have some fascinating news to share prior to the show. To reach the largest audience, you should get in touch with influencers, bloggers, and even publications. Whether you are starting a new campaign or improving your product or services, these parties will help let out the news to the public. They will help you come up with a powerful campaign to make your business stand out.

Note that to get the best results, you must contact bloggers, influencers, and publications that are conversant with your niche. They will know the ideal details that you should share with your prospects. This is one of the greatest ways to promote your company before the show commences.

3. Prepare Social Media Posts

Through social media posts, you can inform your audience about the trade show, and even mention the exact location of your booth. Social media posts are tools that will take the pressure off your back as you can communicate to a large group at once. Even amid the show, you should upload live posts to inform people of what is going on. Make sure you stay positive about it to evoke their curiosity.

These items should be prepared in advance to make work easier for you, especially when you have to take care of everything by yourself. Make good use of social media management software to help you plan things in advance.

4. Have a Photo Booth

With a photo booth, you will motivate visitors to take lots of photos. This usually happens because it is quite fun. It also blends perfectly with the social media tools aforementioned. With many photo booths, you can have them set up automatically to upload photos to Twitter and Instagram. Make sure that they are uploaded with a relevant hashtag.

If possible, provide your visitors with the chance to upload the photos to their own social media accounts with hashtags of their choice. With the right hashtag, you can gain enough attention to help boost your business so that it stands out from the competition.

5. Create a Social Media Wall Display

One of the best ways to get enough attention during a trade show is by making it as fun as possible. Create a social media wall to display your booth at the trade show. Allow your audience to interact with your brand and ask as many questions as they wish. Make sure to keep it as active as possible.

Final Thought

If you are planning a trade show, use the tips above to get enough attention during the event. You can ask someone to help you take care of social media as you interact with physical visitors. The secret is to keep it lively and fun all the time.