?How to Protect Your Android Phone from Hackers

Android Phone from Hackers

For most of us, our lives are on our phones. Work, personal, and financial details are all stored inside our Android devices. With so much private information on one device, using a VPN is necessary to protect your Android phone from hackers. Keeping your phone updated and setting strong passwords is key, but itís not always enough to outrun sophisticated hacking software. A VPN will help keep you and your Android phone protected.

There are lots of VPN services out there, but which is the best VPN for Android? Choosing a specialty service like Private Internet Access means you get dedicated resources designed for the Android platform. An app that is specifically tailored to Android makes things as smooth and user-friendly as possible while providing all VPN advantages.

There is a lot of personal information stored on our phones, even if we donít realize it. Our name, phone number, address, and financial information are available on our device, so it must be kept as safe as possible. Hereís how a VPN will protect your Android phone from hackers:

Online Anonymity

Ever had the feeling that youíre being watched? When youíre finding out whatís new online, you most likely are. Trackers, hackers, and even spies can monitor your activity when you are using your phone to find out what you are looking at online. What you do on your phone is your business and should only be viewed by you.

A VPN will establish an encrypted connection between your Android device and a server in the location that you choose. An encrypted connection means that no one can see which website your visiting, spy on emails you are sending, or view the files you are downloading. It will also stop your internet service provider from tracking your activity and targeting your advertising. A VPN will allow you to take back your online privacy.

Keep Your Location Private

Protecting our privacy is key to making us feel safe in our own homes, so we donít want our location to be made available on the internet. Most of us carry our phones will us all day, so if hackers can trace the location of our phones, they will find us too. Each of your Android devices will have a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address.

It is essentially a code that details specific information such as your location, device name, and internet provider. A VPN provides you with a new digital IP address from servers all over the world. With a VPN, your true location is always hidden as your real IP address is masked and replaced with one that could be thousands of miles away from where you actually are.  

Browse Safely Anywhere

If you regularly use your phone when youíre out of the house, a VPN will protect you when using public Wi-Fi. Your financial details, passwords, and emails could all be accessed when you use a public Wi-Fi connection without a VPN. Hackers and scammers target free Wi-Fi spots as they have very little security, meaning the users are vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. An encrypted VPN will scramble your connection, so it is not penetrable by anyone looking to benefit from your private information.

Installing a VPN will increase the functionality of your Android phone as well as its security. It can give you access to the internet without limits so you can enjoy the internet freely without fear.

Unlock A World of Content

A VPN will allow you to quickly access websites and streaming services from all over the world. You can watch your favorite shows without limits on services such as Netflix, Amazon, and BBC iPlayer. If you live in a country that enforces censorship, bypassing geo-restrictions also means you can access blocked websites and download games that are not available in your country.

You Can Save Money

The small monthly cost of a VPN is easily outweighed by the money you could potentially save on your online purchases. The price of items can fluctuate depending on your location, so there are lots of opportunities to save money by connecting to servers in other countries. This is particularly useful when booking flights, renting cars, and purchasing games. Be sure to do your research and check on postage or exchange fees before you make a purchase.

You can do all this and more on your Android phone with a VPN, all while keeping your personal information safe and hidden from hackers and cybercriminals.