How mobile apps are changing the healthcare industry

healthcare industry

A dull waiting room, the long queues, an obvious argument with other patients regarding the long queues, the hopeful desperation to get inside to the doctorís cabin, dull and gloomy faces of the other patients, painful cries, this was the scenario or the picture one could ever imagine a decade ago while paying a visit to the hospital or clinic.,

Even before that, herbs and prayers were the main therapy or treatment which has taken a whole 360-degree turn and introduced hospitals and clinics. It simply shows that technology is like the guiding faith behind the revolution and change. Similar is the story of the hospitals and other healthcare industries.

The scenario has been changed drastically and most of the credit should be given to a trustworthy and reliable mobile app development company . This is the reason, it seems mobile applications are revolutionizing the way we used to see healthcare earlier.

There are about a total of 3,18,000 health apps available on the top app stores worldwide. And according to HealthWorks Collective

  • There are around  97,000+ health and fitness application available for both tablets and mobile
  • 15% of mobile phone users between the age of  18 to 30 have installed both health and fitness apps
  • 52% of the smartphone users collect health-associated information on their cell phones

The graph will keep on increasing with the passage of time. Letís figure out how mobile apps are changing the healthcare industry precisely.

Online appointments

Earlier, taking appointments requires waiting in the queue, spending hours, and now the situation has been changed fully. All thanks to mobile apps, it has replaced the need for physical availability for receiving calls and answering for scheduling and rescheduling the appointments according to the dates.

 Due to mobile apps, it has become super easy than ever to register appointments with the help of customized apps. The communication can be easily done between patients and doctors along with taking appointments and getting a consultation.

These apps are not limited to appointments, they are also designed to offer home delivery services along with letting patients filter hospitals and clinics easily.


Excess of a good thing is a good thing, the same is the concept of technology. Technology is certainly making our life easier and simpler. Earlier, the only way to decide hospitals and clinics was by listening to the experiences of friends and family, advertisements, hoarding, radio ads, etc, but now the picture has changed.

With mobile apps, it is easy and faster to know about the best healthcare service provider hospitals along with checking out the reviews and ratings to decide which one is reliable and trustworthy.

Medical records

With the help of cloud-based CRM, it becomes easy for the users to upload their medical history and other related information in the app. Instead of carrying bulky files and other health-related documents, a patient can store all their data and information in it.

Because of cloud-based service, the information will remain secure and can be integrated across multiple devices. Meanwhile, if a patient is moving to another city or place, he/she is not required to start the medical history from the beginning, a doctor can get the whole medical history record from the stored data.

Meanwhile, the stored information can also help medical students and researchers to analyze the cause, cure, symptoms, etc. In every way, mobile apps are actually helping patients, doctors, local people, researchers, students, etc.


The mobile apps are designed in such a way in order to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level, and other vital signs just by using mobile phones with the help of wave signal and other technicality.

If you are also planning to develop a health-based mobile application, make sure to be aware of the cost of developing an application along with other aspects.


Earlier people were meant to pay off the exact amount demanded by the chemist or healthcare provider,  but now with the advent of technology and well-designed mobile apps, it is easier to compare the prices and facilities of different healthcare centers online.

Moreover, with the help of mobile apps, it is also easier to know the authenticity of the service by reading the testimonials and reviews of the previous clients. In short, things and information are becoming transparent.

Wrong diagnosis

Earlier there were numerous cases of wrong diagnosis taking place every day, which has been efficiently eliminated by the mobile apps.

With the help of mobile apps and the stored medical report in it, the doctors get accurate reports of the patientís health condition. And these accurate health reports help them to prescribe the patients’ accurate medicine with the correct doses of the same.

Easy payments
With the introduction of mobile apps, it is easy to pay mobile expenses through different payment options without standing in the queue. Moreover, the app is facilitated with a secured payment gateway allowing users to pay the bill promptly.

We are living in the mobile world and every aspect of our lives are guided by smarter apps. The above-written points are a few of the advantages of mobile apps in the healthcare industry among many.

Hence, to conclude, the mobile apps in the healthcare industry are helping patients to schedule appointments, monitoring the side effects, reminding them of taking pills and many more. And will keep on offering better services with the passage of time.

Image credit: Healthcare industry via Billion Photos/Shutterstock