Five Signs That You Need a New Phone

new phone

Ah, our beloved smartphone. People have become attached to the hip to their phones and don’t imagine going anywhere without them.

It’s there to help you run your life, look up things, make it to appointments, stay in touch with friends and family, and much more.

Yet, there comes a time in every piece of technology’s life that it just will have had enough. It will start showing signs of wear and tear that you should take seriously. And this is true for whichever operating system you use – iOS, Android or Windows.

No one wants to be suddenly left without means of communicating, so if you’re experiencing any of the below, you should probably start looking into an upgrade.

1. Programs/apps that keep on shutting down unexpectedly

In the beginning of your phone’s life, everything will run smoothly and programs will not shut down by themselves. This is because the software is new and the storage of the phone is yet unoccupied with days, months and years of usage and history.

However, as the years tick by, the phone will tend to have programs and/or apps that shut down unexpectedly. The more often it happens, the clearer the sign it is that your phone is nearing its end. A system restore might help in the meantime, but you should really not rely on such a phone for much longer.

2. Delayed response

An ever so slight delay in response on your phone when you summon a program or try to open new mobile slot sites is a sure sign of the age of your phone. You will know this intuitively too.

A new phone will be lightning fast and quick to use to perform whichever action. However, as the time goes by and it accumulates digital ‘fluff’, the speed will keep on going down.

The oldest devices out there will be operating at a pace that kids wouldn’t appreciate. So, when you finally reach a point that you cannot wait another second with each click of a button, it’s time to get a new phone.

3. Continuous lack of memory/space

It’s majorly annoying – you go to make a photo only to find out that you’ve run out of memory on your phone. Space, or memory, comes at a premium as you literally must purchase it when you buy your phone.

If you’re lucky, you won’t run out. Yet, most people do because our lives are so data-heavy. Apps, photos, map downloads, all of this takes up space. If there is no way to supplement with an external SD card with additional space, try backing up your data and clearing your phone for better performance.

Otherwise, the alternative is getting yourself a new phone.

4. Unsupported software

There are cycles in technology development, but software too. When a new piece of programming is developed, it goes through cycles and updates. But there also comes a time that it becomes ‘unsupported’.

This means that the developers won’t release new updates and will abandon the piece of software. If you start getting notifications of the software on your phone becoming unsupported, there’s nothing else you’ll be able to do, but buy a new phone.

5. Falling apart

Screen smashed, buttons not working, the device just overall looking shabbier than chic… All of these are signs that your phone is on the downturn and will not make a full recovery.

It’s alright – all technology has an expiration date, but the more physical damage you cause to your device, the worse it’s going to fare. Take care of your next one, will ya!