Can You Repair a Broken iPhone?

Broken iPhone

In the United States, at least 95 million iPhones get damaged each year.

If this has recently happened to you, at least you know that you’re not alone. But now how do you fix your broken iPhone?

Thankfully, there are some solutions that can fix your phone and get it working just like a brand-new phone! Keep reading to find out how to fix the phone.

Take It to an Apple Store

If your iPhone is broken, the first thing you can do is take it to the Apple Store. Since they built the phone, they’ll be the ones who are best equipped to fix it.

However, it is the most expensive phone repair store for iPhones. Even if you’re replacing your iPhone screen, it could cost you hundreds of dollars, even if you’re within warranty.

The price of a repair will depend on which model of phone you have, so make sure you check their online store for a quote before going in.

Take It to an Apple Partner

If you don’t want to pay more of Apple’s high fees, you could always find Apple iPhone repair services nearby. Some of them are direct partners with Apple, like Best Buy.

However, there are other retailers out there who will fix it for you for half the cost that Apple would. Search for some reputable ones near you who can help.

You should research the third-party vendor before taking your phone there. Some of them aren’t legitimate and will install faulty parts on your phone that will damage it even more. While there are plenty of reputable services out there, make sure you read customer reviews to ensure they do good repairs.


If the above options are both too expensive, you could also try and fix it yourself. However, this will solely depend on how technically savvy you are.

If you’re comfortable with it, there are repair services that can provide all of the parts. However, it’s not something that’s recommended for most consumers because you could end up breaking the phone even more in the process.

However, if you’re confident in your abilities, you should find a repair kit. Apple does sell repair kits through its Self-Service Repair program. You can get replacement screens for some of the newer iPhones from them.

if you have an older iPhone, you may have to go through a third-party vendor. If you do go through Apple’s repair service, they will send you original Apple products, and also allow you to send back your broken parts so that they can be recycled instead of thrown out.

Learn More About How to Fix Your Broken iPhone

These are only a few things to know about how to fix your broken iPhone, but the solutions are endless.

We know that dealing with a broken phone can really disrupt your life, which is why we’re here to offer more help.

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