ACMarket Apk: Safest Third Party AppStore for Android


ACMarket is a marketplace where you can get Android apps and games as same as Google PlayStore. But its not the same. Your Official PlayStore will never give you Paid apps for free and also it will not give to cracked or modified apps as this one can do. It has the ability to offer you mods in various kinds including banned apps.

The application developers from different parts of the world have access to this playstore and it is considered a place where they can upload their own app and game twists for the sake of others who cant afford to buy the original version. Not only that, these mods include multiple new features such as unlimited game coins, game points, health packs etc without paying any money at all.

Get all these rewards by accessing with any third party website and downloading it. For your safety, use the official ACMarket.download to get your AppStore now itself.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements and given all permissions, it will run well on your Android device. The amazing features included will be able to make you surprised. Specially with its speed and user friendly interface. It will be the easiest and best place for you to find tons and tons of games and apps and download them for free. 

Setup information 

Name: ACMarket

File type: APK

Version: v4.6.6

Size: 21.59 MB

Languages: More than 20 Languages


Space: 54.21 MB

Device: All Android versions including the latest Oreo and Pie

Rooting: No

Features of the AppStore:

Free content: no matter what the app or game you search for you wont need to pay even a penny for any number of downloads. Also, there are no hidden charges and no need to go through a registration process. 

Easy use: Using this alternative AppStore is almost the same as Google PlayStore. Therefore it will be very easy to use with no difficulty at all. 

Larger content: AppStore contains tons of apps and games in several categories for you to download free. 

No advertisements: The latest edition comes with no advertisements to disturb your enjoyment. 

Customize as you need: User has the ability to customize the app library as you wish so it will be easy to get the apps you need. There are settings to manage the categories of apps to fit the requirements of user. 

Regular updates of content: After completing the downloading there is no need for the user to manually search for updates as the app itself search for updates to give you the latest you need. 

How does it work?

The process of the appstore is the same as all other apps of this kind. After opening the app you will be able to see an interface that includes some of the apps included in it in several categories. If you couldnt see the one you need, the search feature can be used to get what you need. You just need to select the choice and it will be automatically be downloaded into your device in no time. This appstore is special because it contains a number of cracked apps and thats the reason why you can get any paid app for free. The editors have cheated in the apps so the payment gateways can be bypassed by the user without any payment. That means if they were in the original version, you have to pay to get them. So getting them for free is not legal and that is why you should be careful. The content should be used only by you without putting an effort to share it in public. 

Things to remember 

Since getting the cracked applications is not legal, you should be very careful when searching for links to download the Appstore. It may come up with malware attached. The thing is, you cant file a case complaining about the troublesome link as you were also doing a wrong thing by trying to get it. Therefore the best thing is to be safe first. So for that, the most secure link to download ACMarket is given below. 

Download ACMarket apk now

The process to download the latest version of appstore now. Tap on the link to get it from 100% safe site ACMarket.download for free with no trouble at all.

Completely download it and tap on the install option. There are some changes in the settings you need to do. Go to device security settings and tap to enable downloads from unknown sources. Otherwise, you wont be able to complete the installation. 

After that, you will see the shortcut on your home screen. Simply tap on it and enter the world of games and applications for free!


1. Can we use it on an operating system other than Android?

Still no. The original version of ACMarket is only for Android devices. There are no versions for other operating systems. But there are ways to use it on other OS with the help of an Android emulator. 

2. Can it be downloaded with a PC?

Yes. The application can be downloaded with windows PC. Then to work with it, you have to transfer it to the smartphone using a cable connection or Bluetooth. 

3. Is this a safe application?

Yes. This AppStore is completely safe to use. There are thousands of users worldwide and it has been able to keep its good reputation from the day it is introduced. Also the content of the store is said to be tested by a number of independent experts regularly. However as the content comes from all over the world, no one can be 100% confident about its security. Therefore the best way is to search all the details of the app and developer before starting the download and completing it always with a secure server. 

4. Can I delete the search history of the app?

Yes. You can do it. ACMarket is composed of a working search engine that can store and record each and every thing you search for. There is a way you can clean our history. In the search window, when you scroll a little bit down you will see the option Clear history. Simply tap on it and the history will be easily deleted.