5 Benefits Of Unlocking A New Phone

Small unlocked lock

Smartphones are one of the essential pieces of technology that people can own in this modern time. Thanks to these devices, individuals can achieve convenience, independence, and efficiency when accomplishing their tasks. Since phones are a crucial part of your daily life, you would want to make sure that it isnít restricting in any way. Yet somehow, these limitations come in the form of network lock-ins by telecommunications companies.

Locked phones are relatively more difficult and inconvenient to use for individuals who want to have freedom in using different mobile networks. But why are there locked phones in the first place? Basically, mobile carriers offer premium to mid-range phones for a deducted price to people who canít afford to purchase them at full price, in exchange for this exclusivity of network access.

How Phone Locking And Unlocking Works

Phone unlocking is the act of unlocking a phone to allow it to work on different mobile networks. It typically requires entering another software code or update that will automatically unlock the phone.

Before a mobile carrier sells discounted phones, theyíll request the phone manufacturer to configure the device that will restrict the customer from using other mobile carriers except for theirs. Usually, it comes in the form of a software code planted into the device. To know if your phone has been locked, you can try inserting a SIM card from another network and see if its signal name appears on your phone. If it doesnít, then itís not open to accepting other carriers.

Since locked phones have more limitations than an unlocked phone, it would be better to perform what they call a jailbreak through an official SIM unlock. According to the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, itís illegal to unlock a unit without the phone carrierís permission. Therefore, to unlock your gadget legally, youíll either have to terminate your ongoing contract with the mobile carrier given a set of agreements or finish paying for it before having it opened.

Benefits Of Unlocking A New Phone

 Some owners possessing locked phones sometimes try to open the unit themselves to enhance their mobile user experience and ownership because of the following benefits:

  1. Switch Freely Between Mobile Carriers

The main point of transitioning from a locked phone to an opened one is to enjoy using various mobile carriers at a time. Particularly, if you have a dual SIM device, you can insert two different SIM cards and use different mobile network SIMs without restriction. Itís perfect for people who have separate numbers for work, school, business, or personal matters.

Since mobile carriers offer subscription plans and load discounts occasionally, you can switch between these carriers if you wish to save more from reloading your device. With a locked phone, youíre stuck with only one mobile network and donít have the opportunity to find a fast and reliable wireless plan according to your preference.

2. Withdraw From Monthly Payments

On top of your monthly mobile network plan, you also have to pay for the monthly installments of your device. Such financial plans help to pay off your device with a more affordable system.

Itís a lot easier to purchase a device through installments, but you might regret this later when your monthly bills start to pile up. By informing your mobile carrier about withdrawing from the subscription and settling the remaining payments for your phone, you can sign out of your monthly obligations, as well as have your phone unlocked.

3. Travel To Different Places Conveniently

If youíre someone who loves to travel frequently for leisure or work, locked phones will be your biggest enemy. Since these units only work on one carrier, youíll have to avail of the costly international network plans offered by your mobile carrier when you want to use your phone in the country youíre visiting. Instead of paying expensive fees, you can have the phone unlocked and enjoy the perks of using a local SIM carrier and other tips for traveling internationally.

4. Accomplish Updates Faster

Locked phones have an extra layer that slows down updates in your device. For instance, when Google implements software updates, the manufacturer will tailor the updates for your phone requirements and pass them to your mobile carrier to optimize the updates further to complement its network.

If your phone is unlocked, thereís no need for the updates to pass through this protocol, thus speeding up the process of updating your phoneís software. After the manufacturer optimizes the software updates, theyíll be applied automatically to your phone.

5. Sell Your Phone Easier In The Future

Locked phones are undoubtedly harder to sell because of their network restrictions. Who would prefer to buy such phones if there are better options? If youíre thinking of selling your locked unit, consider jailbreaking it first to get a better resale deal. If you try listing a locked phone in the market, it will take longer to sell for the same reasons. You might even end up offering it for a much lower price just to make a sale.


Unlocking your new phone presents merits, but itís also crucial to understand what this endeavor entails. If youíre planning to jailbreak a new phone, itís best to look for professionals to consult first. You can then decide to let them do it for you or take the risk of unlocking it yourself.