How to Hypnotise Yourself

Is it possible to control your subconscious mind and mould it?

Is it possible to attain a state of consciousness to break a lifelong bad habit and become more loving, positive and confident?

Is it possible that you stop analysing yourself and fall into a peaceful and relaxing place?

Yes, all this is possible through Self-hypnosis. 

Learn how to hypnotize yourself and rewire your brain. You do not need hypnotherapists for this, and through dedication and practice, you can master it. In the beginning, it might seem impossible and uncomfortable, but with time and practice, it becomes easy. To discover the technique here is our article on how to hypnotize yourself for the beginners. But first, let me introduce you to autohypnotism and its benefits 

What Is Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis may be defined as a focused and heightened state of concentration that can change your thoughts and help you kick bad habits along with destressing and relaxing you. It is almost similar to meditation. It is a tool that puts you in contact with your memories, belief, thoughts and emotions so that you can shape your subconscious mind. 

Benefits of Self Hypnosis

  • Relieve stress 
  • Treat addictions 
  • Manage stress 
  • Manage pain 
  • Elevate anxiety 
  • Solve problems 
  • Set achievable goals 
  • Relax 
  • Overcome sleep disorders 
  • Build confidence 
  • Break bad habits 
  • Cure phobias 
  • Battle depression 
  • Change limiting behaviour

Many times we slip into a natural state of being where our mind is drifted off from what is going around us, and we experience peace and relaxation. However, this state stays for a very few seconds, thus cannot bring a significant change in your lifestyle or areas you want improvement. But, by learning how to hypnotize yourself purposely, you can make a definite and long-lasting improvement. Check out the steps to self hypnotize.

How to Hypnotize Yourself

Preparing Yourself for Autohypnotism

  • Wear comfortable clothing – With tight jeans and fitted cloth that is cutting off your circulation, it is hard to relax. Self-hypnosis is not about throwing on some sweat but shutting off the distraction to attain a deep state. 
  • Make sure the temperature is right – Feeling warm may be comforting but make sure to keep a blanket or a sweater handy if you run on chilli side. 
  • Make sure the bed, couch or chair is comfortable – You are susceptible to sleep while lying down still some people prefer to lie down. Make sure the bed, chair or couch is a convenient venue lie or sit. Do not cross any part of your body or leg or you end up being uncomfortable. 
  • Choose a quiet room – This is a significant step while preparing yourself for hypnosis. Make sure the room is quite to stay away from distractions. 
  • Make sure nobody disturbs you for at least 30 minutes – Although most of the people prefer to be in the trance state for 15 to 20 minutes, you also need time to get out of it. To make autohypnosis effective, a kid, a phone call, or a pet should not interrupt you for 30 minutes. It is me-time, so make sure to lock the door and switch off your mobile phone. 
  • Choosing Time– Select time you are not too tired or sleepy and make sure you have light meal about 1-2 hours before hand so that you have enough energy for meditation

Setting Your Goals

Second significant step is to figure out hypnosis goals for example self-improvement, relaxation, to quit a bad habit or to improve your thoughts.

Affirmations depend on your goals. Affirmations are positive phrases that you need to recite to yourself when you are under the trance state for example if you are trying to quit smoking; you may try phrases such as ‘smoking does not appeal me’.

Entering the State of Hypnotism

Attains a comfortable position – Close your eyes and try to relax your mind from stress, fear and anxiety and other feelings. Release the tension in your body and imagine that the pressure is falling away and vanishing. Start from your toes. Relax your toes then your feet. Continue upward with your thighs, hip, stomach, chest, and so on including your face and your head.

Slow and deep breaths – The next step is to take a slow and deep breath. Imagine that whenever you exhale negativity leaves you and as you inhale, imagine life force entering your body.

Visualization – Think of a place (real or imagination) for example a place you visited with your family on vacation, a beach, your favourite corner in your house etc. where you feel happy calm, relax and safe. Once you choose the place, stick to it and imagine yourself relaxing in your safe place. Use all your senses and concentrate imagining the details of your safe place. Imagine the colours, sound, sensation and smell. For example, if you imagine yourself at beach then imagine the sea wind blowing through your hair, scent of salt, the sound of waves crashing seashore,blue-green seawater and the warm and golden yellow beach sand.

Getting rid of negative thoughts– Engross yourself into the peaceful atmosphere of your safe place. You are calm and relaxed.  Negative thoughts will try to fit through your mind but gently bring your focus to your safe place. If you find it tough to push away any negative emotion, try a few techniques such as imagining yourself, closing your negative thoughts in a drawer or switching off them with remote control.

Entering trance state Force yourself to enter into a deeper state to increase the speed and quality of your transformation. When your awareness is internal, you enter hypnosis state. Staying in this state requires lots of concentration and focus.  Try not to doze off and maintain awareness as long as possible and motivate yourself with positive affirmations.

The Exit

Returning back into reality is the last step. The best way to exit hypnosis, is to set an alarm that will call you back into consciousness after the decided time period. Another way to exit is to fall asleep and to explore the depth of the subconscious mind in the dream state.

Hypnosis allows accessing our subconscious mind that contains lots of information our mind gathers over period. It brings clarity the conscious world, and helps us to process the information available effectively.

If you have any related questions on ‘how to hypnotize yourself’ post it in the comment section below. Also, share your self-hypnotism experience.