Why Your Next Spa Treatment Should Be 120 Minutes

Spa Treatment

Everyone loves a trip to the spa, but not all treatments have the same effect. A 10-minute facial might feel amazing during that short time, but when you head home, you may not enjoy any long-lasting benefits.

You might also be thinking that a few short treatments allow you to accomplish more during your visit, but there are plenty of reasons to opt for longer, more restorative treatments instead. Here are the top three reasons.

You have time to truly relax.

Spa treatments are designed to help you relax and de-stress. A 10-minute facial may feel great at that moment in time, but when your treatment ends you’ll feel disappointed. Shorter treatments don’t give you the time you need to truly relax.

It takes peopleeight daysto truly relax when on vacation, so if you compare that to the spa, the longer the treatment, the better. During a two-hour treatment, you can let go of your worries. Forget about work and home responsibilities and just enjoy the pampering. Don’t bother spending money for a shorter treatment when you know it’ll take you a few minutes to settle in and by the time you do, your session is over. Give yourself ample time to relax and enjoy your treatments.

You’ll experience greater health benefits.

The experts agree that massages have incredible health benefits, so by expanding your treatment time, you only increase these benefits. Massage therapy helps you sleep better, feel less anxious, improve your focus, and heal injuries. Give yourself more time in treatment rooms and you’ll only feel better. Longer treatments also allow you to combine more services in an intentional sequence.

Your skin will feel much more hydrated after a two-hour session because you’ve been treated to several services in a row. A nice, long treatment will allow your body to release more toxins and stress. You’ll leave feeling healthier and happier than when you went in, which isn’t always possible when you feel rushed to finish your treatments, shuffling from the treatment room to the sauna and back. Enjoy the longer session and don’t stress about your treatment, your kids, or your work.

You’ll truly get your money’s worth.

Australian women spend thousands of dollars on beauty supplies and treatments. When you devote a large portion of your budget to the spa and other treatments, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. With a longer session, you’re able to truly benefit from the experience and many longer treatments only cost slightly more than the shorter ones. Investing in the extended session means your body has time to reap the rewards of each treatment. Your face will feel more moisturized, your muscles less tense, and your mind more at ease.

A120-minute treatmentis really worth what it costs. Facial and body treatments that are longer give you more time to connect with your therapist so he or she can help you fully relax. They’ll learn what your body needs and where to focus on treatments. During a longer session, the massage is more meaningful and the sequence of the treatment is designed to soothe the entire body. Two hours devoted to you and only you is always worth the money.

If you only treat yourself to the spa once or twice a year, stop booking short treatments. Go for the longer treatment that’s designed to relax and rejuvenate. Two-hour treatments are sequenced for optimal health and relaxation, so you’ll leave the spa feeling amazing. It’s well worth the money and time, especially if you only go every so often. Make your trip count by spending quality time in the treatment room. You’ll never go back to short treatments again.