What you should know before getting a Cosmetic Rhinoplasty in South Korea

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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that helps to reconstruct and correct the nose of the patient. It is also popularly called as a nose job. The nose job in Korea cost is very minimal as compared to other countries. This is because South Korea has been identified as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Most of the tourists that come to south Korea are medical tourists who have come here to have cosmetic surgery or two to improve their looks.

The nose is one of the most distinguishable features of a person. Considering that the nose takes up the majority of space on the human face, it becomes one of the first things that a person notices about you. Many people are born with an asymmetric nose or a nose that is slightly curved. Modern medical advancements have given us the opportunity to correct these permanently.  South Korea’s rhinoplasty cost is the lowest in the world.

Who can get a nose job done?

Because the cosmetic surgery for the nose is not a very serious surgery, anyone can get a nose job. There are absolutely no restrictions on age, weight, gender, or even color of skin. The rhinoplasty is not only an aesthetic surgery, but it can also help cure some defects that the person has in the nose. Things like sinuses, breathing difficulties, snoring, traumatic nasal injuries, nasal deformities, smell, and other health-related complications can be corrected by a rhinoplasty that is performed by a good surgeon. The nose job in Korea’s cost will vary depending on the type of rhinoplasty and the number of sittings that may be required in order to correct the nose. But usually, because of the proficiency and the expertise of the doctors in South Korea, nose jobs are usually completed in just one sitting.

Where can a person get a nose job done in South Korea?

Because the nose job in Korea cost is very affordable, there are almost five hundred clinics and small hospitals in the capital city of Seoul itself. There is no shortage of places that do nose job surgeries. This also means that there is an increased number of doctors in the south Korean region who are performing these cosmetic surgeries on foreigners as well.

Finding places to stay in South Korea is very easy. The ever-growing tourism and medical tourism industries have opened up tons of opportunities for the Korean people, and they are trying to accommodate more and more tourists.

Is getting a nose job in south Korea safe?

Getting a nose job in South Korea is very safe. The medical board of south Korea has strict regulations in place to identify and shut down clinics that are not doing the surgeries in a proper way. Because the nose job in Korea cost is very affordable, there are a lot of world-renowned plastic surgeons in South Korea. The clinics are very hygienic, and they have an excellent staff to help the doctor in performing the nose job surgery.

Image credit: cosmetic surgery via Free around/shutterstock