What Are the Signs of a Receding Hairline?

Receding Hairline

Are you worried that you might be losing your hair? If you believe you might have a receding hairline it is important to catch it as early as possible. This could be an early sign of male-pattern baldness and you can protect your hair if you take action sooner rather than later. 

Keep reading to learn some of the most common signs of a receding hairline. 

1. Uneven Hairline

One of the easier signs of hair loss to recognize is when your hairline becomes uneven. As you get older, your hairline begins to mature, and as it does so it will uniformly move back. A maturing hairline is a process that happens with young men who are moving from adolescence into adulthood. 

If you begin to notice that your hairline is moving back unevenly this is an early sign of balding. For instance, you might see that the hair near your temples has moved back further than the hair near your forehead. 

2. Thinning Near the Temples

If you’re used to having a nice hairline it can be difficult to tell it is receding during the early stages. If you suspect you will be prone to losing your hair, due to family history or other factors, you should keep an eye on the hair near your temples. 

To check, start by running your fingers through the hair near your temples. Pay attention to the thickness, texture, and quality of the hair located here. Then do the same to the hair located along your forehead. If you notice a difference in your hair located in these areas you need to start paying attention to your hairline. 

If you are beginning to lose your hair, you may start to notice the development of a widow’s peak, which usually looks like your hair is in the shape of the letter “M.” 

3. Hair Falling Out

Most men and women lose strands of hair throughout the day. This is a normal process and is usually nothing to be concerned about. But, if you notice that more hair than usual is starting to fall out this could be a sign of alopecia hair loss

This could be caused if you have a sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone which could cause damage to your hair follicles. Your hair will fall out, and the follicles will begin to shrink so that new hair growth is no longer capable. 

You can try and reduce the amount of hair you lose by removing allergens from your diet, avoid hot showers and chemical-laden shampoos, and improving your overall diet. 

Learn More About the Signs of a Receding Hairline Today

These are a few of the most common signs of a receding hairline. If you are concerned that you are at risk for male-pattern baldness you should try and catch it early by watching for an uneven hairline, your hair thinning out near your temples, or if your hair is falling out worse than normal. 

If you are able to catch the problem early on you might be able to combat the symptoms by avoiding allergens, eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding chemical shampoos, and showers that are too hot.  If you would like more health tips or information be sure to visit our website daily.