Try One Of These 3 Menís Haircuts For A Classic Look

While we all appreciate a cool new trend, sometimes you just canít beat a timeless haircut. So many cool hairstyles have stood the test of time for good reason and continue to be seen on modern and fashionable men across the world. If youíve been considering a new haircut to rock or want some inspiration, then donít look to the present, look to the past and think about these 3 classic options that never go out of style.

A lot of men are adding unique fades and undercuts to older hairstyles in order to bring them into 2020, but thereís nothing wrong with going for a traditional look that has always looked great. Discuss with your barber the best style for your hair type, length, and color, as one may well suit you over the other.

Of course, those are just a few classic menís hairstyles, but itís important to remember that youíll still need the right knowledge, tools, and products to effectively pull off these timeless haircuts. Good hair care regimes are important, because youíll want to be sure that youíve got the correct shampoo, conditioner, and are getting regular trims with the use of professional tools like ciseaux tech – ciseaux de coiffure from a good barber.

French crop

A nice option if you donít like too much hair to style but donít like shaved hair either, the French crop is a traditional ďwoke up like thisĒ look that doesnít require much maintenance. The fringe offers you a bit of length to play with if you like using wax or gel, and professional enough for wearing to the workplace, yet cool enough to the part when out on the town. Itís also great after sports or the gym, as it generally holds its place and doesnít require much restyling afterward. The back and sides should be kept neat and tidy for a classic French crop.

Slicked back

People often associate the slicked back look with professionalism and being a gentleman. Existing since the 1920s, the slick back was all the rage and has been adapted in every decade since. Best with medium length, straight hair, slicked back hair requires a good comb and a fair bit of gel or wax to get right, but todayís modern hairstyling products are more than enough to get the job done. Pairing this look with a beard has become quite commonplace these days, but it works equally well when shaven or with a 5 oíclock shadow. Tapered back and sides are a must and youíll probably need a cut every 3 weeks to keep your style sharp. Some men opt for a side part and a quiff instead of straight back, but the choice is yours.

Shoulder-length hair

Having longer, shoulder-length hair will require the most patience and determination of most classic menís hairstyles, but once youíve grown your hair for several months, the results are worth it. With a bit of hairspray or texturizing cream, you can achieve a wavy and full hairstyle that looks great in so many situations. Youíll find many men with longer hair in todayís workplaces, as it still looks professional enough when paired with a great shirt and neat pair of shoes. Make sure your barber adds layers while still keeping the shape, as it wonít look great when your fringe is the same length as the back.

Whatís your favorite haircut to rock from these classic options? Do you prefer to try newer, trendier styles or only trust styles from the past? Let us know in the comments and share your styling tips.