Tips for the perfect wedding makeup on D-Day

wedding makeup

Whether you make your wedding makeup alone or you entrust your face to a beauty expert, it will take time, like for hairstyles, you take a little before … With a few tips and a little patience on the results of your makeup, marriage will always be fun to watch. Think of this unforgettable day that calm is the key word. If you want to do a wedding in London, finding a quality London Wedding Photographer service is a must, but of course if your makeup is bad, cameras and sophisticated photography techniques will not help much. Without the need to waste a lot of time again, let’s “examine” the following tips!

Make the wedding makeup by a beautician

Do at least one wedding makeup along with a hairstyle test. They will harmonize better. Take your beauty appointment about 3 months before.

Shining the day before

For a radiant face and a relaxed face, treat yourself to a relaxation session at the institute. You will be advised to take a jet (scrub, a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and expel grayish skin followed by intense hydration and gentle massage).

Wedding makeup on D-day

Don’t do anything before going to a beautician. In the morning, apply only moisturizing cream but don’t use makeup. Cosmetologists will start with a “magic” light bulb that keeps makeup on. During the test session, you will have presented the style of clothing and accessories. He just needs to make the last makeup. Give him your manicure: wise and natural.

Make your own wedding makeup

Don’t hesitate to change make-up, try it first but don’t forget that wedding makeup is not every day or even one of New Year’s Eve. Natural and delicate will be your watchword!

Start early

Buy a few weeks before everything you need and test to avoid the risk of reaction to new products! Think about beauty and not just make-up, so prepare yourself enough to prepare your skin 3 months earlier (scrubs, moisturizing vitamin creams, hand creams, nail oils, slimming creams, depilatory creams beside the foundation, blush, mascara , red for lips).

Shining the day before

Like a pro, do a soft scrub followed by whiplash treatment (revitalizing mask, light bulb, liquid tensor).

Wedding makeup on D-day

In the morning, apply a moisturizing liquid cream but don’t use makeup. Make your manicure clear or slightly pink. Avoid bright colors. A few hours before the ceremony, use a dressing pad (gel or ampoule, which you will find at the fragrance and beauty center). Then start dressing up.

The perfect style for her wedding makeup

The beauty of your skin will be the first step you will take for your wedding makeup. Your skin must be bright, but not bright, slightly browned, smooth.


It is important to do several tests before buying, for example behind the hand.


Use foundation that matches the base color of your skin: if you have very pale skin and use dark foundation, the results will not be natural. Ask for advice when you buy your product.

Tips and applications

Basic tasks. You must be aware of the quantity and apply it only after wearing your dress, at the risk of seeing it slightly orange on the collar. Apply a little on the four corners of your face (forehead, cheeks, chin). Then make a small circle with your fingers, so that it is well infused, and make sure to distribute it to the entire face and stretch the product around the neck, so there is no demarcation. The foundations are badly impregnated skin, and for once, it’s better not enough.

Hopefully what has been described above can help you prepare for a perfect marriage. Thank you for reading.