Sugar Wax : How to Make a Traditional Hot Wax

Sugar wax is considered less painful over traditional hot wax as it doesn’t remove the hair follicle.This makes it a great product for people having a sensitive skin.

Getting waxed at a salon is always expensive. It is easier to make sugar wax with just going with 3 simple ingredients. It will help you get waxed at home. All you require is lemon juice, granulated white sugar, and water.

Letís start and make it with the following steps.

  • Making the Wax
  • Applying Sugar Wax

Making the Wax

On the stove, put a medium-sized pot. Even the recipe is made fairly with small batch of sugar wax which is enough for 2 legs. It is better to use a medium to a large pot to prepare. The mixture bubbles when heated. It can overflow in a small pot.

For making the bubbling mixture, add white sugar, lemon juice, and warm water. Measure the granulated white sugar before putting it into the pot. Add lemon juice and warm water to the loosened sugar. Stir them all to combine. it is recommended to use white or brown granulated sugar. Do not use powdered sugar as it won’t work.

Bring the bubbling mixture to boil over high heat. Turn the burner towards high and let the heat do the job. Stir frequently and the mixture will heat up and will start to boil. Keep an eye and do not be careless around this step on the mixture, as it will start bubbling as it heats up. Take care not to burn it. If accidentally it happens, it will lead to completely solidification once the mixture cools down which will make it unusable.

Reduce the heat to medium. As the mixture bubbles and boils, turn the heat towards medium. Continue to stir. The sugar will be completely dissolved at this point in the liquid mixture. In case the mixture is bubbling rapidly at medium heat, turn the heat down to low.

Remove the pot from heat as the mixture turns golden brown. Keep stirring the mixture as it simmers till it reaches a smooth consistency to get a deep golden color. Turn off the heat to move the pot to other side. The consistency must remain similar to hot syrup. Thick like honey must be heated a little longer.

Pour mixture into a jar and let it cool for half an hour. Sugar wax should not be used hot as compared to traditional hot wax. Put it in a bowl or jar and let it cool down for 30 odd minutes. Still feels hot or warm, it may be enough to make you uncomfortable. Get it cooled for more minutes before going ahead.

Applying Sugar Wax

Scoop out a small amount of wax with fingers. The wax must be warm but at the same time, cool enough to be touched and handled. Therefore, you can use fingers for the waxing process. Scoop out a small amount and roll the wax to make a a ball with the hands. You can even use a butter knife or a wooden popsicle stick.

Apply the wax to a small strip of skin. Apply it with fingers or a popsicle stick. Apply the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Spread it evenly about 1/4 inches or 0.6 cm thick. Work in small sections. Try to take only a few inches in length and width. The preparation is enough for both legs.

Take a deep breath and pull! Get a firm grip on the wax with fingers and pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do it in a jiffy like you are pulling off a bandage. It will hurt a bit! You can use fingers to roll or pull it off, but it will prolong the pain. It is better to make it quick. Apply paper strips on top of the wax. Smooth out to pull off instead of the mixture itself.

Continue to apply the wax in small sections. Reuse the same piece of wax 3 to 4 times. Use a fresh amount of wax for each section of skin.

Save leftover wax in an airtight container to refrigerate. Leftover wax can be put into an airtight container, like plastic Tupperware container. Place it in the fridge and use it in next 4 to 5 weeks. Make sure to reheat it before use.

Happy and safe sugar waxing to you.