Stunning Short Hair Options for Black Women

short hair options

Various short hairstyles are probably the most popular hair resolution of modern black women, as their active and busy lifestyles don’t let them spend long hours on hair styling and maintenance.

What they’re looking for is an ideal haircut that looks stunning right out of the bed, doesn’t cause any discomfort, and fits in numerous occasions: family brunches to crazy party hangouts, business meetings to romantic dates, gym workouts to glamorous night events.

And the natural black hair is probably the only hair texture able to cope with everything listed above! Still, don’t believe it? Scroll down to confirm this.

  1. Super Short Curly Weave Hairstyles

These super short curly weave hairstyles are probably the most obvious and traditional alternative to classic long weave hairstyles for round faces. Both mentioned haircuts emphasize round face shapes and balance oval faces. Besides, this short variant inevitably follows the natural skull curve, so if you dislike yours, ask your hairdresser to correct it by means of your textured thick hair.



Also, you can play with the color of your super short curly weave hairstyle to make it absolutely unique and authentic. What about such awesome goldie locks?



  1. Stunning Short Fade Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you’re looking for something trendy and unboring, try a fade hairstyle and experiment with side patterns. Also, you can choose any crown hair length which is comfy and attractive to you.


  1. Mohawk Styles for Black Women

Being a variant of fade hairstyles, Mohawk style is a great short hair for round face idea. If you need a hair-do, which is able to hide and balance your round face shape, Mohawk-like hairstyles are exactly what you need.

These two pictures show the same woman with long weave hairstyle and with a Mohawk upstyle. Can you see how much her face shape differs?

  1. Sleek Short Haircuts

Absolutely short and smooth, these exotic short hair options for black women are for the most courageous and confident ladies. Despite the popular stereotype, it does look very gorgeous and highlights women’s beauty and internal charm.



  1. Edgy Buzz Cut for Black Women

Crazy and edgy, this buzz cut is meant to turn heads and shine brightly. Are you ready to be the brightest pencil in the box? Here’s a cool summer vibe for you:


  1. Short Bob for Black Women

In case you prefer sticking to tradition, a classic bob without any twists springs to mind. Indeed, it’s a challenge to make Afro hair texture straight and smooth, but if you do really like bob, the result is definitely worth the efforts. Anyway, you should try it at least ones in a lifetime – believe us, your friends won’t recognize you in such an unusual image.


  1. Short Black Hairstyles with Accessories

Probably, the easiest way to spice up an ordinary short curly weave hairstyle is to add a stylish accessory. Mix the colors and math the headbands with your outfits to stand out this season.

  1. Taper Cut for Natural Black Hair

Here’s another variant of fade hairstyles for black women. Tapered cuts look brilliant on naturally curly hair, as it’s very textured and padded. Do you realize how lucky you are? – Just look how cool these wads of curls are!


  1. Dreadlocks & Braids for Black Women

Despite dreadlocks are more popular with long-haired black women, they’re often a pick of ladies with short Afro hair too. This hairstyle is one of the most trouble-free as it almost doesn’t require any care and maintenance.


  1. Messy Pixie Cut with Curls & Twists

Messy pixie is today’s stylish alternative to long weave hairstyles for round faces and unruly Afro ‘manes’. Numerous curls and twists of these pixie styles make them stylishly-careless, instead of turning them into a scruffy bunch of curls that look rather strange than trendy.

Hopefully, you’re not confused anymore about your next short Afro hair resolution, and our gallery of fresh and updated hairstyles for black women inspired you to rock your usual natural curls.