Pro tips for eyebrow treatments

Brow paste for eyebrow treatments from Supercilium

Calling all beauty professionals and brow stylists who are passionate about perfecting those brows! If you’re ready to take your eyebrow treatments to the next level and create stunning transformations that leave clients in awe, then you’re in for a treat.

In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of pro tips for elevating your brow game during eyebrow treatments to new heights, and the key? Using professional products and equipment. From the intricate artistry of henna brows, brow lamination to the innovation of hybrid dye techniques or permanent eyebrow treatments like microblading, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to unlock the secrets of eyebrow treatments that can make a world of difference in your brow services. Let’s dive in and master the art of exceptional brows!

1) Clean the brows first

Cleaning the skin before any eyebrow treatment isn’t just a regular thing – it’s the secret to making sure every treatment reaches its full potential. To make sure your products like henna or lamination work their magic, you’ve got to clean the skin around the eyebrows and the eyebrow hairs really well. Say goodbye to extra oil and dirt! 

Who are the heroes here? Cleansers! By using them gently but thoroughly, you’re creating a perfect base for the next step in your eyebrow treatment, making your eyebrows look fantastic. For example, we totally love the Pro Cleanser from Supercilium. It doesn’t just smell amazing, thanks to the natural matcha and mint ingredients, which give your skin a refreshing feel before treatments. It also prevents the skin from getting dry.

2) Extra brow preparation is the key 

Getting the skin ready before any eyebrow treatment is like laying the foundation for a masterpiece. Whether you’re into henna brows or trying other eyebrow treatments, having a clean canvas is super important. Think of it as the secret sauce to making your treatment last longer and work better. In essence, proper preparation maximizes the benefits of the treatment and contributes to a positive client experience, making it an essential aspect of any brow service.

And this is where using the right products comes into play. When it’s time to give those brows a proper cleanse, many experts turn to eyebrow exfoliators after a normal cleanse. For example my favorite, the Prep Peel Gel. This isn’t your regular cleanser – it’s more like a special elixir that keeps Brow Henna colors vibrant and supercharges various brow treatments. The added AHA in the formula makes sure it removes all dead skin cells. Combine your expertise with a canvas that’s all prepped and you’re ready to go to rock your eyebrow treatment. 

Dry or irritated skin? Does your client have dry flaky eyebrows, suffers from eczema or dandruff eyebrows? This Prep Peel Gel to exfoliate the skin will also do the trick. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. Unlike harsh scrubbing, gentle exfoliation can effectively eliminate the layer of flaky skin without causing harm. But first, clients with eczema or dandruff eyebrows should always consult the treatment with their dermatologist first. Combat dry skin between eyebrow treatments with the rejuvenating benefits of Prep Peel Gel, ensuring a smooth canvas for flawless results.

3) Use natural ingredients

Using natural ingredients in all types of eyebrow treatments offers a range of benefits that contribute to both the health of the skin and the effectiveness of the eyebrow treatment. So why should you use natural ingredients in your eyebrow treatments?

  • They are gentle to sensitive skin.
  • Less likely to cause irritation, redness, or allergic reactions compared to synthetic or harsh chemicals.
  • Using natural ingredients reduces the risk of adverse reactions.
  • They can provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Natural ingredients are often sourced sustainably.
  • They often have pleasant aromas that can contribute to a relaxing and enjoyable treatment experience.

Remember, while natural ingredients can be beneficial, it’s still important to patch-test new products. Our favorite professional brand Supercilium keeps its products mostly organic and a lot of natural ingredients. This not only ensures the safety of clients but also aligns with the trend toward more sustainable and skin-friendly beauty solutions.

4) Tricks to improve your brow henna mix

Some brow artists just mix henna with water. But that sounds a bit boring. What about adding something that will prolong the longevity of the brow henna or even intensify the henna stain on the skin? A henna mix for brows is a specially prepared blend of henna powder and other natural ingredients used to color and enhance eyebrow hair. 

Color Developers

This helps the Henna stay in place and makes the color stronger by going deeper into the skin and hair. Let’s look at Supercilium Eucalyptus Color Developer: it’s everything you need for those long-lasting results your clients will love. Eucalyptus boasts a range of skin benefits, including its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help cleanse, soothe, and refresh the skin.

Incorporating Supercilium Color Developer with eucalyptus into Brow Henna treatments harnesses these qualities to enhance color intensity and set for long-lasting, rejuvenated results. Imagine infusing your Brow Henna mixture with a few drops of this natural wonder – not only will it ensure a superior hold, but it will also elevate the color intensity

Color Booster

It is as good as it sounds. It enhances the color! The Color Booster (Supercilium) makes henna color stronger and lasts longer, especially for people with oily skin. It was found that if you mix Color Booster, which has 2% Saline, with henna, it helps the skin absorb the henna color better. This is great for you, Brow Artists, who have clients where the henna doesn’t show up as well as they want. It’s a secret trick of brow professionals for better henna results in their eyebrows treatments.

Made a mistake? Don’t worry! 

Discover the incredible power of Supercilium Color Corrector! It’s here to quickly and easily erase any stains that might have appeared after any eyebrow treatment. And guess what? If your eyebrows ended up darker than you wanted, this amazing product can also help lighten them up. With Supercilium Color Corrector, you have the magic touch to fix and perfect the brows effortlessly!

5) Be loyal to one brand

Sticking to a single brand for your brow treatments offers several important advantages that can enhance the quality of your services and the satisfaction of your clients. Here they are:

  • Using products from the same brand ensures consistency in results.
  • Their products are designed to complement each other, optimizing their effectiveness and compatibility.
  • Becoming familiar with one brand’s products allows you to develop expertise in their application and usage.
  • When you consistently use products from a trusted brand, your clients will gain confidence in your expertise. 
  • By sticking to a single brand, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of their product line
  • Using products from one brand simplifies your inventory management. 

6) Map the brows 

Starting with brow mapping and using a brow paste in your eyebrow treatments has many benefits. Brow mapping helps create a balanced and neat brow shape that suits the client’s face. Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, a nourishing Brow Paste by Supercilium not only helps you shape the brows with precision during the mapping process but also offers gentle care to the delicate brow area. This way, you can make sure the brows will look just right. It’s like masking off before painting! The paste also works as a barrier for brow henna or brow dye, resulting in super sharp lines. 

7) Add Brow Lamination to your services

Brow Lamination is not one of the biggest trends for no reason: if you’re seeking the ultimate solution as a treatment for thinning eyebrows, then Brow Lamination is your go-to treatment for making them look fuller and more voluminous. This innovative technique works wonders as an eyebrow thickening treatment, effectively transforming sparse brows into beautifully enhanced and lusciously thickened arches. Elevate your expertise with Brow Lamination and provide your clients with the confidence-boosting results they’ve been dreaming of. Lamination also stands out as an effective treatment to attain the appearance of fuller eyebrows, adding dimension and depth to your clients’ brow aesthetics

8) Do not forget about brow aftercare

Last but not least. A proper aftercare is essential to ensure the longevity, vibrancy, and health of any eyebrow treatment, providing clients with lasting satisfaction and stunning results.

Introducing the Nourishing Defense Balm with SPF 30 – your ultimate post-brow treatment companion for achieving those long-lasting, stunning results you’ve always dreamt of. Whether it’s henna, PMU, or tattoos, this nourishing balm is here to elevate your aftercare game to a whole new level. As we talked about eczema and dandruff eyebrows, here’s an exciting tip: the Nourishing Defense Balm works wonders not only to nourish and soothe the skin but also to shield it from the sun’s potential harm!

As well as providing aftercare instructions to clients after eyebrow treatments is crucial for ensuring the best results and maintaining the health of their skin and brows. You should never underestimate the aftercare instructions to guide clients on how to properly care for their treated eyebrows. To further assist clients, Supercilium offers free downloadable aftercare leaflets on their website.

Your journey to becoming a top-notch Brow Artist doesn’t stop here, and with Supercilium as your ally, the possibilities are endless. Maybe Supercilium is your future stick-to brand for all brow care related products, just like us?